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Monuments are titanic primate-like statues that reside on the planet Venom. 


Monuments are large rocky colossus primates that are equipped with anti-grav packs to make their appendages flail widely and cause serious damage to any starfighter that pass by. They resemble the Mysterious Giant Golem, Golemech, yet they are unable to move as freely like the rocky titan. The Monuments are only part of the environment, so they do not try to intentionally attack, making them not worth any Hit points.

Enemy Recon

These mysterious monuments are located just outside the entrance to Andross's palace. While some intelligence analysts believe they were built recently by Andross's slaves to honour their master, other experts note that they appear to be very old, ancient, in fact. A detailed analysis has not been possible, of course, but we may learn more after the battle.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 107


It is not known whether or not Golemech is something Andross created or something he discovered in the ancient ruins that dot the surface of Venom. Few archeologists surveys were sent to Venom before Andross took it over as his base, but Corneria University scientists believe that the legendary Lost Tribe of Cornerus did, indeed, inhabit Venom in the distant past. They also think it possible that Golemech is a remnant of the Lost Tribe's technology. Ancient texts state that the tribe eventually struck out into space to find a new home, but what became of them, no one knows.
—Lylat Datalink, Evidence of a lost tribe?, pg 110.

Monuments stood both standing guard outside the Temple and inside its tunnel leading to Andross's Palace. It is not known is they existed before Andross's exile or if they were built by his slaves to worship him with, but Cornerian University scientists do indeed believe that Venom was once inhabited by a legendary lost tribe of Cornerus that left the planet and their technology behind which Andross likely discovered in his exile. The Star Fox Team passed by the Monuments as they entered the temples to reach the palace of Andross, although they may have been an unpleasant sight towards Slippy Toad.