Andross has taken control of the huge creatures who live on Fortuna!! Take care, Fox!!
General Pepper's Briefing

The Monarch Dodora is a bioweapon feared throughout the Lylat system, appearing in Star Fox (as the boss of Fortuna), Star Fox Command (as a boss in the stage Dash), and Star Fox Zero (as the boss of Dangerous Skies). It also had a unique appearance in the Nintendo Power comic.

Physical Appearance

The Monarch Dodora is depicted as a giant twin-headed bird-like dragon. It also slightly resembles King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series. Its eyes are often depicted as orange or yellow.

Planet V: Fortuna

Fortuna is also known as the Dinosaur Planet and is prowled by untamed and brutal creatures. Andross has fed and gained control of these brutes and plans the turn them into living weapons. The giant dragon, Monarch Dodora, is the living spirit of this planet and has powers exceeding state-of-the-art weapons. His name is feared throughout the Lylat system.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox Comics

The Monarch Dodora (or simply the Dodora) appears in the Star Fox comics by Benimaru Itoh. It has an expanded role in the adaptation, as Andross personally unleashes it upon the Star Fox team at the end of Act 8. Andross referred to it as his pet. However, much like the aquatic lifeforms of Sector Y, it was being mind-controlled; after the main transmitter and remote device are taken out, the Dodora proves to be too unruly for Andross and crushes the scientist beneath its foot.


  • The Dodora could have been inspired on the Dodo Bird, which is an extinct bird without flying abilities.
  • Its name is similar to the Todora, a floating dragon-like enemy from Star Fox Command.


  • According to its original Japanese title, it is a cyborg, and according to its boss role in Star Fox Zero, it is a bird-dragon.
  • The Japanese Star Fox instruction booklet does not mention it being the "living spirit" of Fortuna or its name being "feared throughout the Lylat system."
  • The English version of both Star Fox Command and the Star Fox instruction manual misspells its name as "Monarch Dodra".
  • In Star Fox Zero, it has a relative known as the Cosmic Dodora.
  • In the Star Fox SNES instruction booklet, the Dodora is referred to as a male, but whether that is true or not is unknown.

Names in Other Languages

Japan Original:
(モナークドドラ Monarch Dodora)
(サイボーグ双頭竜 Cyborg Double-Headed Dragon)
(モナーク・ドドラ Monarch Dodora)
(古代機械鳥竜 Ancient Mechanical Bird-Dragon)
Spanish El Monarco Dodora (Monarch Dodora. Dodora is first declension, genitive Dodores.)
Portuguese O Arcão Dodora (Archon Dodora. Dodora is first declension, genitive Dodores.)
Italian Il Monarco Dodora (Monarch Dodora. Dodora is first declension, genitive Dodores, Plural Dodore.)


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