Planet V: Fortuna
Fortuna is also known as the Dinosaur Planet and is prowled by untamed and brutal creatures. Andross has fed and gained control of these brutes and plans the turn them into living weapons. The giant dragon, Monarch Dodora, is the living spirit of this planet and has powers exceeding state-of-the-art weapons. His name is feared throughout the Lylat system.
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Andross has taken control of the huge creatures who live on Fortuna!! Take care, Fox!!
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The Monarch Dodora is a gigantic dragon that gained a feared reputation throughout the Lylat system, and was partially transformed by Andross into a dangerous bioweapon for a useful addition to his army. The Monarch Dodora first appears in "Star Fox" as the boss of the Mission on Fortuna, reappearing in "Command" as another bioweaponised boss in the stage "Dash" on Titania, and reappears in "Zero" once more as the Fortuna boss of the Mission "Dangerous Skies", which also introduces a relative known as the Cosmic Dodora. A related enemy called King Dodora appears "Star Fox 2", in the Eladard region on Hard difficulty. The Dodora also had a unique appearance in the Nintendo Power comic series.

Physical Appearance

The Monarch Dodora is usually depicted as a giant twin-headed bird-like dragon, a design that makes it slightly resemble King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series. The name Dodora could have been inspired on the Dodo Bird, which is an extinct bird without flying abilities, while the name is similar to the Todora, a sea dragon native to Zoness, and another floating dragon-like enemy of the same name from "Command". Its eyes are often depicted as orange or yellow. According to its original Japanese title, it is a cyborg, and according to its boss role in Star Fox Zero, it is a bird-dragon.

In the comics

The Monarch Dodora (or simply the "Dodora") makes an appearance in the Nintendo Power comics, where Andross's imperial forces built a base on Fortuna and began taking over the native creatures like the Monarch Dodora itself, which Andross himself fancied as a sort of pet after effectively using radio signals beamed from the base to make the beast obey his will. In "Act. 7: Whale song", the Fortuna base is where Slippy and his confiscated Arwing were taken captive by Imperial raiders under Andross's orders, who intended to use Slippy as a valuable hostage and lure the remaining Star Fox team into a trap and set his mind controlled Monarch Dodora on them.

In "Act. 8: Fire in the sky", Fox, Falco, Peppy and Fara exit the Black Hole and arrive on Fortuna in the search for Slippy, based on guidance from the inter-dimensional space whale that Fox Sr has become a part of. Using hidden sleeping gas in the beads of his necklace, Slippy manages to escape capture and throws the rest of his choker into the control room, putting the two lizards having trouble controlling the Monarch Dodora out of commission. Andross notices the loss of the control signal and turns it back on with another signal directly linked via an antenna on his personal speeder vehicle and Herbert II. Outside the base, Andross gains the upper hand on the recently arrived Arwing quartet, as their blasters have no effect on the Dodora's tough hide and the spitfire breath produced from the two heads, which land a nasty hit on Peppy's Arwing. Joined by a recently escaped Slippy in his recovered Arwing, the team deduced that the Dodora is being mind controlled like the Stingrays in Sector Y, but since the monster has no visible antenna like they did, Slippy explains that because he took out the controlling lizards, Andross must be controlling the creature himself. Fox successfully flies by Andross's speeder and scrapes the antenna beam off, making him lose control of the Monarch Dodora. No longer under Andross's control, the unruly Dodora turns on him and smashes his speeder flat as Papetoon pancakes. Once the Arwings depart for Papetoon and now free Dodora leaves, Herbert II grieves over the wreckage of Andross's speeder and takes some strands of the ape's hair before leaving Fortuna also.


  • The Japanese "Star Fox" instruction booklet does not mention it being the "living spirit" of Fortuna or its name being "feared throughout the Lylat system."
  • The English version of both the "Star Fox" instruction manual and "Command" script misspells its name as "Monarch Dodra".
  • In the 1993 game's instruction booklet, the Dodora is referred to as a male, but whether that is true or not is unknown. Given the Monarch Dodora's ability to lay eggs, it's possible that it might be female and the King Dodora is intended to be its male counterpart, or it may be capable of asexual reproduction.

Names in Other Languages

Japan 1993:
(モナークドドラ Monarch Dodora)
(サイボーグ双頭竜 "Cyborg Double-Headed Dragon")
(モナーク・ドドラ Monarch Dodora)
(古代機械鳥竜 "Ancient Mechanical Bird-Dragon")