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Miyu is a tomboyish feline from the Cornerian Army who, along with Fay, appears as a member of the Star Fox team exclusively in "Star Fox 2".

Miyu's name may be a pun on "mew" or "meow", the English onomatopoeia for the sound made by various feline species.


  • Miyu's specific species has never been confirmed, but the most common guesses among fans include Lynx, Caracal, Wildcat, and Maine Coon.
  • After the original cancellation of "Star Fox 2", many elements were carried over to later games. It is possible that Katt Monroe, a lady cat ally of Star Fox, may have been based on Miyu. Miyu blows a kiss upon character confirmation, which matches Katt's flirtatious attitude. In addition, Katt's design in "Star Fox Zero" includes a golden earring on her left ear, which is where Miyu wore hers in "Star Fox 2" (however, this accessory is missing from Miyu in her 2017 artwork, which may be an oversight by the artist).
  • Miyu's 2017 artwork, in addition to the missing earring, also gives her a long tail. As lynxes do not actually have long tails this makes Miyu look more like a wildcat instead.
  • According to her artwork, she is the third-shortest member of the six-team Star Fox, after Slippy and Peppy (not counting her ears).
  • In early prerelease builds of Star Fox 2, the designation given to Miyu was "MW-001". The rest of the Star Fox crew were given similar designations, with the first two letters being their initials (i.e. Fox McCloud = FM-001). With this in mind, one can conclude that Miyu, at some point in Star Fox 2's development, was given a surname beginning with the letter "W".[1]
    • If one assumes her surname does start with a W as stated above, Miyu's last name could feasibly be Wildcat, one of the species she resembles.
    • Lead programmer of Star Fox 1 & 2 Dylan Cuthbert has mentioned in a reddit AMA that, while he does not know Miyu's official surname, he has always believed it to be Swift.[2]

  1. *"Miyu's designation is MW-001. Given the pattern established by the other designations, this suggests a full name with a surname beginning with W was conceived for her at some point in development. The final game's digital manual, written for the game's eventual release in 2017, simply refers to her as "Miyu" and does the same for any other characters who only appear in this game." The Cutting Room Floor, Prerelease:Star Fox 2