A Meteorite is a chunk of space rock that has fallen to the ground on Dinosaur Planet within the barren, space wilderness of Moon Mountain Pass (not to be confused with the space rock hazards known as Asteroids).


When searching for his first Krazoa Spirit, a Meteorite fell out of the sky, nearly crushing Fox and Prince Tricky. They spot that the large fallen rock is now blocking their path the Krazoa Shrine, meaning they will need to move the rock out of the way the way in order to proceed. A Meteorite later appears in the Test of Knowledge, representing the Outer Space and Sauria's orbit window.


There are three Meteorites to be found in Moon Mountain Pass. Two are buried underground and must be dug up using Tricky's Find Command. The other is found flaming and must be extinguished with the Ice Blaster

By plugging the three Meteorites into the nearby geysers, the underground pressure builds up, forcing the larger meteor up and clearing the path.

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