This article is about the Meteor in Star Fox. You may be looking for Meteo, also known as the Asteroid Belt.
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Meteor, also known as the Battle Base Meteor is a planetoid in Star Fox for SNES. This artificial asteroid was originally designed as an amusement facility called "Meteor Land", but Andross seized the Meteor for his own use, fortifying it into a battle base for his war against Corneria.


  • For players more familiar with Star Fox 64, the Meteor may lend some confusion. The Meteor in the first game is not the same as Meteo, which is analogous to a separate stage known as the Asteroid Belt. The Meteor makes no known appearance in Star Fox 64 or subsequent games.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese Meteor (メテオ)
Battle Base Meteor (メテオ・ベース, Meteor Base)
Meteor Land (『メテオランド』)


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