I cannot allow you to go any further.
—Meteo Crusher Pilot

The Meteo Crusher Pilot was an unnamed soldier in Andross's Empire that commanded the fearsome Meteo Crusher. He debuted in Star Fox 64 and appeared in the Lylat Wars Comic and Star Fox 64 3D.


The Pilot is a large eared primate, wearing a tall, green, pompous miter and matching uniform, He has Andross's insignia on the crown of his head wear. As one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers who had been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, the pilot was given command of a specialized war machine of great power. Andross had dispatched this key lieutenant to seize a strategic location throughout the Lylat system by clearing a pathway in the Meteo asteroid field for his invasion fleet.


This primate was famous he was sarcastic, had patronising wit and lied a lot to his enemies. He also supposed at first that the Star Fox team was nothing special until later on, resorting to trickery to catch them off guard. His hubris and pompous demeanor gave him the characteristics of a type of overly ambitious and weasel-like villain that people would instinctively hate and want dead. He also believes himself to be superior to everyone else, as evidenced by his disbelief that he lost to people he considered scum.

In the games

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Before they could reach Fichina, the Meteo Crusher's pilot encountered the Star Fox team and decided to engage them in battle, declaring that they would not go any further. After Fox McCloud destroyed the Meteo Crusher's deflector shield and its electricity net projector's generator, he put up a charade that he would surrender. However, Falco rhetorically asked Fox if he was going to "listen to that monkey," uncovering the pilot's trickery. The pilot then revealed that he had no intention of surrendering, telling them that to him, they were not as stupid as they looked (if Falco was absent during this time, the pilot will instead mutter under his breath "if this does not work..." before resuming his attack). He engaged them one last time with his prototype plasma ring guns and missile launchers, but his ship was finally defeated. Furious, he yelled in disbelief about the fact that he had lost to a small squadron of mercenaries, while Fox retorted that they were in a hurry and apologized for leaving quickly, before his ship exploded, possibly ending his life.


The Meteo Crusher pilot's icon is used for various soldiers, namely those who piloted/commanded three of the four Harlock-class Frigates in Sector β. They don't have any actual dialogue besides screaming when their ships were taken down by either Fox, his teammates, or Bill Grey. His reaction when losing to Star Fox was also referenced in Sector Ω, where the Attack Carrier captain and Fox had a similar exchange after the latter beat him.

In the Comic

The Meteo Crusher and its Pilot appear in the Lylat Wars Comic, filling the same role as the games. The pilot is confidently and quickly defeated by Star Fox like in the games. Over confident by his victory over the Meteo Crusher, Fox fails to notice UFO readings like Peppy, before being ambushed by Andrew Oikonny and the Star Wolf Team. According to the comic, the pilot's name is Galaxicos.


Game Voice actor
Star Fox 64 Bill Johns
Star Fox 64 3D Mark Lund



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