Metal Smasher is a boss that appears on the Level 2 route of the Venom area in the original Star Fox game.


Metal Smasher is comprised of two halves which will try to pull in the player's Arwing and use a use its powerful crushing attack to deal heavy damage. To avoid this fate, hit your brakes about when the two halves try to clamp down on you and veer hard to one side. Additionally, Metal Smasher will release about four small metal canisters at a time (similar to the ones seen throughout the rest of the level) which will home in on you and try to collide with you. They are somewhat difficult to dodge, so shoot as many of them as possible to avoid taking damage. After several cycles of crushing, Metal Smasher will charge up a fire two large salvos of ring lasers at you; barrel roll and swerve to the side to dodge them. To damage Metal Smasher, simply shoot at one of the halves and concentrate on hitting it until explodes. Don't bother shooting both halves unless for some reason you want to prolong the fight, as doing so is just wasted effort. Once one half of Metal Smasher is destroyed the remaining half is no longer capable of attacking and will self-destruct, while launching a smaller ship which will flee towards Venom's surface.

Names in Other Languages

Japan (メタルスマッシャー)
(超重力衛星 Supergravity Satellite)


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