AirCommander Falco

aka Wolfy

  • My occupation is mayonnaise.
  • I am seriously inactive here.
  • Bio All great things come with great responsibility. "How", you'd ask "are they up to the task?" to which the answer is in a simple facility.
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  • On May 28th you removed everything from Krystal's article and added it back again without adding the lost categories. Please do not do anything like that again.

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    • Ah, sorry XD I won't. That was back when I didn't realise editing your Profile counted for the days on the Wiki, and I went onto the wrong format and accidentially removed everything (due to a glitch XD). I undid the edit, but I wasn't aware of categories, sorry.

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    • I advise you not to keep spending your time editing your profile to up your edit count when you can try and actually help out on articles that need attention. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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