Mechbeth's role in the games.


The Mechbeth is a biomechanical construct with two wings attached to a head and a tail. It is tethered to the Forever Train by a cable, hovering in the air above.

Enemy Recon

Mechbeth's internal power generator is still in the development stages, so the bioweapon remains tethered to an energy supply canister onboard the train. Its advanced combat computer, however, is fully functional and armed with a trio of the deadliest attack weapons ever designed on the planet.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 83


Mechbeth shoots nearly a dozen explosive iron bars from its head in one shot. To avoid damage, you must destroy the metal bars that land directly in front of you.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 83


If Mechbeth has enough time, it will gather energy into its wings and shoot beams at you. Stay between the moving beams to avoid damage.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 83


If you're not careful, Mechbeth will sweep down, spear you with its tail, then drop you. Excecute a barrel roll and spin to safety when Mechbeth starts to dive.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 83


Mission Complete

Mechbeth can be defeated using one of two ways, and the method used will ultimately determine which stage the player is able to visit next. The first method is simply to fight it head-on, which is caused by the player either failing to shoot all eight switches or otherwise ignoring the switchbox when it is activated. Peppy when this occurs will remark that they'll at least take out Mechbeth to prevent the delivery. Mechbeth's weak points are its "head" with which it fires its lance-like projectiles, and its "mouth" which it uses to scoop up and bite the Landmaster. Once those have been destroyed, a hatch will periodically open on the train and drop boxes which project energy barriers; shooting inside the opening will cause Mechbeth to spin wildly out of control for a few seconds, exposing its vulnerable back, which must be shot in order to destroy it. If this method is used, the player will take the "easy" path to Bolse.

If Fox takes too long to destroy the MechBeth, the Forever Train will eventually reach the supply depot during this fight, and the Forever train engineer will say: "You're too slow, time to end this!", and the Mechbeth weapon will plunge into the Landmaster and instantly kill Fox, no matter what condition the shield gauge is in, and reset the Mission back to the previous game pickup point or a Game Over.

Mission Accomplished

The second method is the preferred method, and is arguably easier, though planning is required, and that is to switch the track by shooting eight tall switches by the side of the track. Falco will shoot the eighth switch if he is present, and if the player came to Macbeth from ZonessKatt Monroe will shoot the second and fifth switches. Once all eight switches have been hit, the large switcher lever will appear which will switch the track when shot, causing the train to crash into the fuel depot, scoring a Hit+50, killing the Trainman like the other way. In addition, when the train plows through the entrance of the fuel depot, Mechbeth's wings are sheared off due to the velocity the train it was going at and the small size of the entrance. If this method is used, the player may take the "hard" path to Area 6.

  • Should the player choose to fight Mechbeth the long and difficult way, it's best if he/she does it fast, as the fight is timed (10 minutes on average, not compensating for boosts or brakes). Should you fail to destroy the mech after reaching a certain distance, the driver will get impatient, and use the mech's claws to scoop the landmaster until it is destroyed (that is, if you didn't destroy it, otherwise, the fight goes on like normal). Not to worry, though; even new players can destroy the Mechbeth before getting that far.
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