I didn't expect to have to use this. You're very lucky!
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Mechbeth is a biomechanical construct used in the defense of the railways built on Macbeth during the Lylat Wars in conjunction with The Forever Train. Going by the Engineer's statements when it was eventually unleashed, he chose to use Mechbeth only as a last resort only. The Mechbeth serves as the boss of the Mission on Macbeth in "Star Fox 64".


Created by Andross, Mechbeth was an experimental weapon manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth, fitted with an advanced combat system but with a fatal flaw: its internal power generator was still in development at the outbreak of the war. For this reason, it had to rely on an outside source for power, tethered to The Forever Train. However, its combat computer was fully functional. Mechbeth was also armed with three potentially dangerous attacks: an explosive iron bar launcher installed on the head, beam generators installed on the wings, and a tail in which it can spear its enemies and drop them. These three attacks were purported to be the most deadly weapons ever designed on the planet.

Following the Venomian invasion, Cornerian resistance fighters on Macbeth had gotten information on the gigantic train that transported minerals and weapons from the mines and factories to Andross's main base and launching area. Although the train's route was well defended, derailing that train and stopping its shipment will be a crippling blow to Andross's plans. Fox McCloud acceded to the planet's surface in the Landmaster to take out the train and the supply depot, since Macbeth was the industrial key to Andross's military machine and liberating this planet from his clutches would have crippled his ability to produce additional weaponry.

Nearing the weapons factory and faced with no choice left, the train's operator deployed the Mechbeth even though he didn't expect to have to use it. Nevertheless, the Forever Train was destroyed when it crashed into the weapons factory after being derailed, taking the Mechbeth down with it.



  • Mechbeth's English name is a nod to the play written by William Shakespeare. In the Japanese version, it was named Benjamin.
  • Mechbeth could be a pun between mecha (robot) and Macbeth.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese Benjamin (ベンジャミン)