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Use that Machine Gun to blast the whole lot of 'em!
Falco Lombardi

The Machine Gun is a standard weapon available in Star Fox: Assault. It fires rapid shots, which is good for racking up damage. Machine Guns can be found just about anywhere, even some enemies will drop them. It has a more powerful counterpart, called the Gatling Gun.


The Machine Gun does not appear to be heavily based on any particular weapon, but rather has minor influences from existing firearms such as the G36C (1995) and the XM8 Prototype (2002), these being the carry handle, and a vented handguard with an angled opening. Unlike the G36C or XM8, the weapon is lacking a stock and a magazine port on the bottom of the receiver.


Pressing and holding the A or R button will allow the gun to fire until the entire clip of ammo is depleted. Some very large enemies such as the Aparoid Dragoon can withstand the Machine Gun's ammunition, so shots will be wasted if trying to use on them.

It is useful against vehicles for its accuracy, and for its rate of fire.

Use against more heavily armed enemies in Versus Mode an effective, though risky move. The Machine Gun's high rate of fire can prevent an opponent from getting a shot off and drain his or her health very effectively. However, the user should beware of agile opponents. Up to 999 rounds can be obtained from picking up 5 Machine Guns. Even though the capacity would be full from picking up more than 5, it can prevent opponents from taking them.

Official Site description

Machine Gun: Sprays a steady stream of bullets. Particularly useful against infantry.
—Machine Gun description on the official site.

Instruction Booklet description

Machine Gun: Shoot multiple times by merely holding down the fire button.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet



  • When Wolf wins a round in Versus Mode he unleashes two Machine Guns from behind him, says "Victory is mine!" and starts to fire. Combined with his artwork, this would suggest that it is his favourite weapon.
  • Shooting enough Sentry Bot 3000s will cause a Machine Gun to be dropped, allowing Fox to hold out until his rescue by Falco.


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