The Lylat Wars Comic is a comic created in 1997 by Nintendo of Europe and drawn manga-style to retell Star Fox 64's storyline. It follows the same principle of the game, with some exceptions. The comic showed some scenes that were not present in the game—for instance, Wolf kicking Andrew and Pigma out of Star Wolf because they acted against his orders (and thus saving Star Fox from the plot of the two). 



The comic begins like the game, at the Great Fox. Fox is lazing around on the bridge gazing at the stars, until ROB 64 informs him that General Pepper is on the line, projecting himself from the communicator to grab Fox by his throat in desperation, requesting immediate assistance with the Androssian Army's Invasion of Corneria and the Lylat System. Giving the order to ship out into the fray, the Star Fox Team check their Arwing conditions, each giving themselves clearance before arriving at Corneria City, facing Scout Pods, Tripods and Granga fighters in a dogfight. Taking out the Venomian squadron leader, Fox is the first to be chased by Tripods, with Peppy coming to his aid. Much like the games, Slippy is chased by numerous starfighters, including Tripod Fighters and Scout Pods, but shakes them off using a Barrel Roll at Peppy's advice. The team eventually reach the Technodroid piloted by Granga, discovering that he is fully armed with missiles and grenades. Slippy scans Granga for weaknesses and suggests to Fox that a shot to the leg will destroy him. Fox makes a successful shot with one hit, causing Granga to topple over to his destruction.


Following their victory over Corneria's rescue, the Star Fox Team report their status before they make their next move. The experienced pilots Peppy and Falco are clear, but Slippy hasn't yet come to grips because of his drop out of the Cornerian Flight Academy, failing to read his measurements about the Arwings fuel tank, resulting in him crashing onto Titania]]. Fox decides to use the Landmaster Vector class II cybertank, due to planetary conditions and search for Slippy. Fox discovers Slippy's Arwing, trapped in the claws of the Zied Parasite Goras in its 13th growth stage. Fox frees Slippy by shooting off its tentacle, and destroys Goras. Slippy thanks his friend for rescuing him as Fox recalls the team's motto, all for one and one for all, after teaching the clumsy mechanic never to ignore his fuel tank warnings.


At the Meteo asteroid belt, the Meteo Crusher waits for Star Fox, but it is quickly destroyed and dismissed shamelessly by Fox. Warned by Peppy not to be over confident, Fox misses his readings of a UFO craft approaching and is attacked by a disrupter torpedo. Ambused by Oikonny and the Star Wolf Team, Star Fox enter a dogfight. Beaten back, Star Wolf retreat with Fox hot on Pigma's tail for his treason towards his old team. Wolf intervenes Fox's pursuit, threatening him to leave Pigma be, or be sent to join his late father, thus Fox confirms rumours surrounding Wolf's apparent involvement with the disappearance of James McCloud. Later in the Great Fox's hangar, Slippy asks about Fox's actions as Peppy retells the story of Pigma's treason, blaming himself for the disappearance of his best friend, calling himself a coward and hoping that he'll see "Jimmy" again someday. Furious about the state of his uniform, Fox takes a quick break with his friends to cool down.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Pigma retreat and crash down on Venom, returning to Andross's palace and blame each other in fear, facing the emperor's disapproval over their failure at stopping Star Fox, warning them not to screw up again or else he'll have them vaporized. Pigma then swears to get revenge on Star Fox for this humilliation.


General Pepper reports that Andross has infected the seas of Aquas, transforming the sea creatures into dangerous mutants. Instructing the Star Fox Team to stop the pollution, the prototype submarine called the Blue-Marine is deployed to find Bacoon. The Blue-Marine's Light Bomb Torpedoes perform very well, before the submarine is attacked by a clinging Octopus. Nevertheless, Bacoon is destroyed in its beta cycle by the Blue-Marine. Back at the hangar, the Blue-Marine is damaged, but the Octopus remained strapped on its hull. Falco is very interested in cooking it, but Fox chooses to let it go free, accepting it as being inoccent for its mutation. When left alone in the hangar, the Octopus sneaks out of its tank, attaching time bombs to the nearby Arwings.


Arriving at the next mission, General Pepper assures the team that the Arwings will be able to withstand the extreme conditions on Solar. Although up to 9,000 degrees is the maximum strain the Arwing can endure, Slippy's scans of the surface indicate an even higher 13,000. Vulcain emerges from the lava, but is defeated by Fox ramming into its core. Suddenly the time bomb on Fox's Arwing G-Diffuser goes off, making a deep hole in the hull, in addition, Falco and Slippy suffer the same fate. Pigma arrives at the scene, revealing that the Octopus on the hangar was a disguised spacecraft, and that he knew the G-diffusers would be easy to sabotage, watching Fox, Falco and Slippy plummet to their doom. But Pigma's scheme is foiled when the downed Arwings are lifted up by a tractor beam, revealed to be Falco's old wingmate Katt Monroe, much to his humiliation. Andrew and Pigma continue where they left off and attack the Catspaw. Suddenly Wolf arrives and opens fire on his teammates, scorning them both and exspells them from Star Wolf for acting without his approval. When Andrew asks why Wolf is firing on his own team, he proclaims that they disobeyed him and don't deserve to be on his team anymore, ending their alliance. Wolf leaves the scene after reasoning that saving Fox's life is because he Wolf's enemy and their grudge has not yet been settled. Katt escorts the trio back to the Great Fox's hangar, at the cost of a dinner from Falco, complaining that she Always has the last say in everything.

Taking another break on their flight to Venom, Katt and Falco catch up at the Great Fox's bar as the rest of the team walk in on them. Falco remarks angrily that there is nothing going on but a casual chance meeting between two old acquaintances. Katt teases Falco in front of the team to his intended embarrassment about how they've known each other since kindergarten and how Falco was not a very well behaved child. Later on, Fox vows to himself that he will avenge his father and defeat Andross.


The next day, at Bolse, the Venomian fighters are proving tough to penetrate with their forcefields. After Peppy suggests using charged blasts at the energy towers and shooting down all the Bolse fighters, the satellites core is revealed, leaving it open to the combined Arwing firepower. The reactor goes into meltdown, destroying the satellite and leaving the air space open to the Star Fox Team. But Andross's elite Acedevil fighters block their flight path, they execute plan 9 by making a loop.


Upon the plains of Venom, Fox finds the Venom Fighters to be very strong and not sure what to do while Peppy and Slippy are badly damaged by overwhelming odds and are forced to pull out, leaving Fox and Falco to continue the fight. Falco eventually leads the Venomians away from Fox to let him reach Andross's Palace. Breaking though the defences of the Golemech, Fox comes face to face with Andross at last, discovering what the Ape's years of experiments have turned him into. Andross then tortures and mocks Pigma for his failures and treasons before Fox. Despite the swine's constant breaking of trust and treacherous ways, Fox pleads for Pigma's freedom with sympathy. But the Ape ignores the compassion and electrocutes Pigma into a black/yellow silhouette before entering the final battle. After their struggles, Andross's hide beaks apart, revealing a robotic Andross beneath. The robotic Ape then causes serious explosions and forces the planet to be completely bown apart. Fox returns to his team as they make their way back to Corneria.


A few days later, upon their return to Corneria, General Pepper is eternally grateful for Star Fox's contributions and offers to have them in the Cornerian military and make Fox the Cornerian Minister of defense. Fox declines believing that they work better as a small quick group than an army. They announce that they need to get back to work and that Katt is waiting for Falco, but Fox promises that the Cornerian Army can always count on them. 

When Great Fox takes off into space towards the next adventure, a special message is left for the reader persuading them to buy Lylat Wars and take part in the battle against Andross. The comic ends like the game where Fox and Slippy take a coffee break and Fox sends out a service bill to General Pepper for the destruction of Andross; Material costs (inc. fuel, repairs, etc.): 500,000 KDE; Work hours: 1,000,000 KDE; Total: 1,500,000 KDE. General Pepper is astonished at the total which he remarks with "Oh no, not again!"



  • The choice of flight path made throughout the comic would be inaccurate to that of the game's continuity. This was likely done so that every vehicle in Team Star Fox's armoury could be covered.
  • The Star Fox Team's motto is "All for one, and one for all". This is a likely reference to the Three Musketeers.
  • General Pepper projects himself from the communicator to grab Fox in desperation, for comic relief purposes. This predates the form of Communications used in Star Fox Adventures.
  • Fox ramming Vulcain through at a top speed predates a technique used years later in against Anglar Motherships in Star Fox Command, but it also appeared again in the Farewell; Beloved Falco manga.
  • The surprising act of Wolf saving Fox's life in order to continue their rivialry would be repeated in Star Fox: Assault.
  • Andross compares himself and Fox as being Godzilla and Tokyo. This references the fact that the Godzilla series and Nintendo are Japanese based.