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The "Lylat" Language in Star Fox 64 Lylat Wars

The "Lylat" Language in Star Fox 64 Lylat Wars

The Lylat language in "Lylat Wars".

Lylat language is a voice setting in Lylat Wars, the PAL (European and Australian) version of Star Fox 64. Due to the game text including French and German options as well as English in that release, the player can also choose between English and "Lylat" options as an alternative voice. This feature has not returned for the 3DS release, as regional voice acting has been included.

While Japanese and/or English has the most audible appearances in the Lylat System, Lylat (or Lylat-like dialog) is fairly prominent and is composed of gibberish, squeaks, croaking or babbles depending on the character who speaks it at the time.

Possible Appearances

  • Star Fox - Along with select few spoken English words, a Lylat-like language is spoken by Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, General Pepper and Andross. It is essentially the same sound clip for each character, but for Fox's teammates it alternates depending on their mood and status (normal, frightened, angry or shot down).
  • Star Fox Command - A similar Lylat-like language appears as the sole spoken dialogue format for every character, both playable and non-playable. Players are able to alter the voices for each character by speaking into the Nintendo DS's Microphone, this can be redone or returned to the default settings.
    Star Fox Command walkthrough Part 38 - Pigma Boss Battle Credits-0

    Star Fox Command walkthrough Part 38 - Pigma Boss Battle Credits-0

    Examples of the "Lylat" language format in Star Fox Command.

  • Star Fox 2 - Being a game originally intended for release after the original game, the sound clips work similarly as in its predecessor, with additional voices for Miyu and Fay.

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  • This is the only known fictional language in the Star Fox series, with the exception of the language of Sauria.
  • Game players have noted similarities to this language format with that of the characters within the Banjo-Kazooie series and the Animal Crossing series.
  • Yaru de Pon may be speaking entirely in Lylat, as his dialogue remains the same, regardless of voice option. This applies only to the Nintendo 64 release.
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