Thank you so much Krystal, Katt, Amanda? If you guys hadn't turned up, who knows what would have happened?

Lucy Hare is the daughter and only child of Peppy Hare and his late wife Vivian. Lucy teaches Astrophysics at the Cornerian City established on Fichina, and is an accomplished pilot, having been trained by her father, who she became close to following the death of her mother many years ago due to illness. She is roughly the same age as Fox McCloud and Slippy Toad and it is implied they may have known each other previously (likely as school friends). She also good friends with Krystal and cares about her well-being.


Lucy is shown to have a slender figure. Her face shape is somewhat oval, but has a square jawline. Her buckteeth are clean and white. Her big pink eyes are long-lashed. Lucy's light pink hair is worn in a short pixie crop. Lucy also has tall rabbit ears, typical of a hare.


Early Life

Lucy was born to Vivian and Peppy Hare on Corneria. She probably enrolled in the Cornerian flight Academy and became a pilot. She soon started flying alone and spent her time making a custom fighter which she called the Sky Bunny. Lucy met Fox and his team a bit later in her life and became very envious. She asked to join the team but got rejected. She found work at teaching Astrophysics on Fichina, yet kept her tomboyish personality and occasionally flew in her ship.

Anglar Blitz

When Fox, Slippy and ROB 64 learned of the Anglar forces attacking Fichina, the Star Fox team arrived at Fichina to aid in the defeat of most of the Anglar occupiers, where she docked in the Great Fox afterwards. She informed the team that it is Andrew Oikonny who is leading the invasion.

Although Lucy was dedicated to freeing the rest of Fichina and defeat Oikonny, she flew with ROB and the Great Fox to find her missing father General Peppy on Corneria. There, ROB reminded Lucy that he has set up a couple of missiles for backup firepower, and accidentally reveals feelings for her, but she either didn't seem to notice, or chose not to embarrass him by asking him about how he feels about her.

After taking out most of the enemy, she soon found General Peppy, and after they made small talk with the late Vivian being mentioned by Peppy, she decided that she will stay behind to take out the remaining Anglar forces while Peppy would fly his Arwing to find his old Star Fox team on Titania. While ROB and Lucy get ready to fight the remaining Anglar garrison on route to Corneria City, they are greeted by Katt Monroe, Amanda, and Krystal, who offer Lucy their aid that she will need. After destroying most of the fighters, the main Anglar warship came to attack the city, but the combined quartet of star fighters defeated the mothership, and taking out the remaining fighters. After a message from General Peppy informed the ladies that the Anglar Emperor is dead, Katt, Amanda, Krystal, ROB and Lucy prepare a welcome feast for the victorious Star Fox team and liberation of Corneria.

When the team gets back they are greeted by the women with lots of food. Later, Lucy and Peppy go out to talk, sharing bittersweet memories of Lucy's mother.


As per the possible ending: "Venom: Good-bye, Fox", it was revealed in the ending that Lucy married and had a daughter who joined Marcus' Star Fox team.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ルーシー・ヘア, Rūshī Hea)
Russian Люси Хэйр