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The Liquid Fuel Carrier is a car attachment carrying a rich cargo of highly explosive fuel, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by the Forever Train during the Lylat Wars.


The Liquid Fuel Carrier as seen in the guide is the very last car on the Forever Train's carriages. It is at first protected by heavy armor plating, until it has broken off where it reveals a Copperhead missile beneath.

Enemy Recon

The Liquid Fuel Carrier is one of several cars you'll have to destroy before taking on Mechbeth. When you ignite the volatile cargo on the carrier, the subsequent explosion will demolish the nearby cars, making it easier for you to attack the cars near the front of the train, but you'll take damage if you're close to the car when it explodes.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 77

Medal Tips

At the beginning of this mission, try to knock out as many of the train's cars as possible. You'll also want to take out the elevated guns as they will sometimes yield bombs. The big payoff in terms of hit points comes from shooting the eight switches at the end of the mission. Successfully hitting all of these targets will cause the train to take an incomplete side spur, which will net you 50 bonus points when it derails. The sixth switch is the most commonly overlooked, since it is hidden behind a gate.
—Star Fox


During the Lylat Wars, the supply train that the Star Fox team followed carried a Liquid Fuel Carrier on its track. The Car was shot down by Fox McCloud's Landmaster, were the carrier was destroyed and it's destruction added to the Star Fox team's service invoice.


  • Since Andross's forces had been mining oil from the refineries on the nearby planet Zoness, the Fuel Carrier may have been carrying oil on board.