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{{Ship infobox
|image = [[File:ArwingInterceptor Blue.gif|250px]]
|image = [[File:ArwingInterceptor Blue.gif|250px]]

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The Interceptor-Class Arwing would have been a smaller, faster version of the Arwing used by Miyu and Fay in the unreleased Star Fox 2. This craft lacked defense, but made up for it in speed. Its default special item is the barrier, and it comes already equipped with twin Lasers. The class of ship has never officialy appeared in any other game in the Star Fox series.


In contrast to the regular Arwing, the Interceptor-Class Arwing is much thinner, consisting of a split front end and wings that angled towards the back of the ship instead of outwards as with the regular Arwing. The Interceptor is likely the most combat-ready ship in the game, as it can fire charge shots off at a higher rate than the other Arwings in the game, as well as being pre-equipped with twin blasters. However, it has the weakest shield resistance of the three Arwings presented in this game, at 12 hit points, compared to 16 for the regular Arwing and 20 for the Defense-Class Arwing. The small margin of resistance between the Interceptor and regular Arwing could make a large difference when fighting tough enemies.

In an earlier known prototype, the ship had much smaller wings that angled down, rather than backwards. Its pilots were called "Saru" and "Lady", referring to an Saru (Andross) and Fara Phoenix, respectively. When it transformed on land maps, it turned into a bipedal walker with locomotion similar to that of a bird. Other than design, there were no real differences gameplay wise.

Ingame Statistics

Arwing stats
Laser: Twin
Lock: Single
Energy Charge Time: ● ● ●
Shields: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Speed: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Special Item: Barrier (3x)


  • The Interceptor class Arwing's name greatly resembles the TIE Interceptor from Star Wars, as both are nimble at the cost of some basic defences.
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