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ExpertEnding3DS.jpg|Leon appears in the Expert Mode ending in ''Star Fox 64 3D'' via Bolse.
ExpertEnding3DS.jpg|Leon appears in the Expert Mode ending in ''Star Fox 64 3D'' via Bolse.
Image:LeonSF2.png|Leon as he would have appeared in ''[[Star Fox 2]]''.
Image:LeonSF2.png|Leon as he would have appeared in ''[[Star Fox 2]]''.
leonpowalski.jpg|Leon standing there

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Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!
—Leon Powalski to Falco Lombardi

Leon Powalski (レオン・ポワルスキー Reon Powarusukī) is a member of the Star Wolf team, and is the only member other than Wolf O'Donnell himself that has been on the team since its creation. Leon's past is unknown, but he most likely had some past rivalry with Falco Lombardi and somewhat Slippy Toad, whom he mainly concentrates on during dogfights in Star Fox 64 and bickers with in Star Fox: Assault.

Physical Appearance

Leon resembles a Veiled or Yemen Chameleon.

  • Seeing as Leon is a chameleon his name could also come from the end of chame"leon".

His customized ship is called the Rainbow Delta, which may allude to his supposed soft spot or reference the fact that chameleons can change the hue of their scales into a rainbow of colors.


Leon's personality has changed noticeably since Star Fox 64. He has gone from a classy, competent pilot to a crazed, ruthless assassin who usually gives a deranged laugh after defeating a foe. His voice has also changed dramatically to suit this; originally, his tone was calm and sinister, but it has recently become high-pitched and maniacal. In the Japanese versions, Leon spoke in a somewhat sophisticated manner.

Despite his ruthless swagger and love of the hunt, Leon loves to adorn his maniacal disposition to maintain his spot as the assassin on the Star Wolf Team. This shows that he is somewhat of a narcissist, and enjoys his feared reputation as the killer, as indicated from quotes: "Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!" (Star Fox 64) when he is chasing Falco, and "Who do you think I am?!?" (Assault) when you shoot at him.

Oddly, his personality in Star Fox Command seems to contradict his cold-blooded image. It is implied that, beneath his facade, he has a soft spot for peace. This is hinted at in his profile in the Pilot Gallery and his rejoicing after defeating the Anglar Emperor because he claims that he will look forward to parades with flowers and other such niceties. This may imply that he may be a different person under the cold-blooded reputation he had earned throughout the series.


Early Life

Wolf and Leon remain as the original members of Star Wolf, even though how they became friends or when they started the team remains unknown. He appeared to have some kind of rivalry with Star Fox member Falco Lombardi at some point.

Lylat Wars

Star Fox 64 marks Leon's debut in the Star Fox series. He appears to have a strong rivalry with Falco Lombardi, as the two mainly target each other in dogfights.

Battle of Fichina

Leon, upon Star Wolf's arrival shortly after Fox discovered that the Venomian Army set up a bomb inside the Fichina Outpost, revealed that Andross sent them to kill the Star Fox team. He focuses on fighting Falco, and expresses irritation at the bird, declaring that he is the "Great Leon." When he is shot down, he is in disbelief that he could be shot down.

Battle on Bolse

The Star Wolf team was ordered to stop Star Fox from destroying Bolse. Leon, upon arrival, reveals his love of torture, as he deeply considers torturing the Star Fox team for a while. He continues to focus on Falco until he is shot down by Fox.

Battle of Venom

In the Cornerian invasion of Venom, Star Wolf was ordered to protect Andross's palace. Leon suffered damage with his right eye, and has to wear a bionic eye until it heals. Upon arrival, he wonders whether the Star Fox team will be able to handle their new Wolfen IIs. He expresses shock at Fox's strength when he is shot down.

Like the others, Leon survived, and apparently recovered from all his injuries.

Aparoid Invasion

Leon reappeared during the Aparoid Invasion, serving the same role he had in the Lylat Wars and likewise was the only original Star Wolf member on the Star Wolf team besides Wolf himself. His rivalry with Falco seems to have grown more tense, as the two make snide remarks about each other (even while Star Wolf is helping Star Fox defeat the Aparoids). It is revealed that Leon specializes in killing, as he is called an "assassin" in the instruction booklet and a "killer" in official artwork. Leon also appears to show sympathy for other reptilian or amphibious creatures (like Slippy).

Anglar Blitz

Having survived the destruction of the Aparoid Homeworld, Leon is still a loyal member to the Star Wolf team, and he along with the other members have taken a more evil turn, as they are wanted across the Galaxy. Ironically, even though Leon is the "assassin" of the group, his bounty is at the lowest, being wanted for only S$10,000. In this game, Leon pilots his own ship, the Rainbow Delta. Also, despite him having quite a slow and relatively deep voice in previous games, his voice in the game's Lylat Language is high-pitched and extremely fast.

In the games

Star Fox: Assault

Website bio

Wanted: Leon Powalsky

Species: Lacertilian

Team Star Wolf: Accomplice

Powalsky is known for his cold, calculating nature. An excellent fighter pilot, many of Corneria's best pilots have fallen to his razor-sharp aim.

Other appearances

Star Fox 64 manga

Leon appears in the Star Fox 64 manga along with the rest of Star Wolf, perfoming the same roles as he does in the games. His role is the most minor out of the team, appearing at the ambush on Team Star Fox at Meteo. Leon is absent when Andrew and Pigma are thrown off the team for acting without Wolf's approval.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Leon makes a cameo appearance in the Lylat Cruise level of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you use Fox, Falco, or Wolf on the stage and press the taunt buttons repeatedly without being interrupted, Leon and other Star Fox characters will comment on the battle. Leon is featured in the following events:

1. Star Fox encounters Star Wolf and will not let them leave alive. Wolf also tells Fox that he will take him down.

2. Star Fox and Star Wolf meet once again. Leon appears to have a new ship as they head into the battle, where Falco is fighting other opponents.

3. As the stage and Star Wolf head into the skirmish, Leon becomes envious of Wolf - perhaps a bit too envious, as he gets carried away and Panther asks him what he's actually jealous of.

4. Falco is chased by Star Wolf after angering them. He tells Slippy to back off, and that he can handle it.

5. Leon and Slippy enter Cornerian air space. Slippy gazes at the water, which Leon thinks is breathtaking. Slippy then mistakes Leon as a frog, because they both have a long tongue. Leon tells him not to put them in the same group and to drop the subject.

6. Leon, Panther, Falco, Krystal, and the stage itself enters the asteroid field, which worries Leon and Krystal. Panther, hearing this, begins to flirt with Krystal. Falco tells him to get crushed by the asteroids, leading to another one of Star Wolf and Falco's infamous arguments. Leon is only heard in the beginning, saying "Star Wolf is here in the asteroid field".

As a Trophy
A member of the Star Wolf team and a cold-blooded assassin. Without an inkling of goodwill or moral standing, Leon carries out duties as required by the job, remaining indifferent and robotic throughout. On top of his lethal skills, he maintains a solid reputation as a skilled pilot. Leon has been a teammate of Wolf's ever since belonging to the Venom army.
  • Star Fox 64, 1997
  • Star Fox Command, 2006


Leon's dialouge has been voiced by the following:

  • Shinobu Satouchi in all Japanese versions of the games.



  • His name could be a reference to Leon Kowalski, a character in the film Blade Runner.
  • Leon is similar to Starscream from the Transformers series. Ironically, Leon is the only original member of Star Wolf to remain loyal to its leader.
  • In Star Fox 64, the quote "Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!" has been made into an internet meme on YouTube.
  • Also, in Assault, Leon's opening statement is "Ha ha! I think I'll torment you a bit before I cook you!" which resembles his opening statement, "I think I'll torture you for a while!" when fighting Star Wolf on Bolse during Star Fox 64.

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