I've been waiting for you, Fox McCloud! You may have returned the SpellStones, but the war is not over yet! Now... you must face ME!
—General Scales

The Battle with General Scales was a prospective test for obtaining a Krazoa Spirit in "Star Fox Adventures". This "test" never truly occurred, as the duel with General Scales was halted once he and Fox started to duel.

In the game

When Fox entered the Shrine to search for his next Krazoa challenge, when he was suddenly ambushed by Scales. Drawing their weapons the two started their duel moments before the voice of Andross posing as the Krazoa God ordered General Scales and Fox to stop fighting. Scales was caught completely by surprise from this, demanding the Ape to show himself. Andross refused while he explained that the EarthWalkers were able to see him at Krazoa Palace, but Scales's greed blinded the General to the truth inside and threatened the SharpClaw leader to give the final Krazoa Spirit to Fox. Before relinquishing the final Krazoa Spirit, General Scales quotes "You will regret this..." giving out a roar before collapsing as the final Spirit appears from within. Fox, although keen to complete his expedition, is dumbfounded by this act and cannot help but recognize the strange voice from somewhere. Three SharpClaw arrive, but instead of attacking Fox, they collect their unconscious leader's belt as a prize and begin to cheer.

General Scales was not seen or heard of again after this event. When Fox returned to Krazoa Palace after defeating Andross in space, the SharpClaw have overrun the land, but are cheering for their freedom while one trooper holds up Scales's belt as a trophy. His fate is unknown.



Fox near the Life-Force Door inside the Test of Scales.

  • General Scales's fate is questionable, but when Fox enters the arena, a cutscene plays where a Life-Force Door is spawned to prevent Fox from leaving, with a single spirit circling the field. Enemies that are tied to Life-Force Doors otherwise tend not to respawn after they are defeated, disappearing permanently.
  • Though no battle occurred, General Scales will simply move and make the same sounds as his soldiers. Although his final fight never occurred because drawing the Staff will trigger the next cutscene, if there is Staff attack set to the Y button, trying to perform them all will prove useless against Scales. Not even the Super Ground Quake will affect Scales; a Staff power that would affect a RedEye which is larger than Scales; therefore, this means Scales would have been a much more formidable opponent than even a RedEye. But because the cutscene is played as soon as the Staff is drawn, it is impossible to know how General Scales would have fought or how formidable his abilities would have been.
  • This is the only test that does not go on General Pepper's record, for once the final Krazoa Spirit is released, Fox flew into space to battle Andross.
  • If the Staff isn't drawn or walking to the middle to trigger Scales to spawn, and instead walk to the water mirror in the back that the Krazoa Spirits usually come out of upon completion of the tests, walk in-place against the left and right sides of the mirror, alternating. This will actually draw out Scales from his spawn point, but he won't have his sword, as it's apparently loaded separately. If done correctly, he can come out completely and run up against Fox, pushing him around the arena, but he won't (and can't) attack. If the Staff is drawn out at this point, he will be gripping air during the normal cut scenes as if his sword is there, however it isn't. It will drop from the ceiling randomly and then appear in his hand as it should as the cutscene plays out.
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