Land Mines are explosive devices, manufacturers and utilised by Andross's army during the Lylat Wars on the arid desert of Titania. They make their only appearance in the stage The Search for Slippy.


The Land Mines on Titania are green and red caskets, concealed on the ground and designed to destroy enemy tanks, as they pass over or near the device.

Enemy Recon

Volatile land mines pave the road leading to Slippy Toad. The mines are sensitive and your tank can detonate them with the slightest pressure, so don't tread on them. Avoid the explosive, either by locking on to them and firing to blasé them out of your path.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 51

Undermining Mines

It's no Sunday drive rolling through Titania. Land mines can blow you off course violently if you drive over them, so shoot them out of your way. However, the Landmaster's cannon has trouble aiming low enough to blow them away, so lock on to them first, then fire. Your homing lasers will zero in on the land mines to clear a safe passage.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 52


Land Mines littered the Titania desert after Andross's forces were detected going to and from the planet. Since Corneria's tank corps were limited, only the Star Fox team's Landmaster could venture onto the surface in the search for Slippy Toad, who crashed onto the planet. Fox McCloud destroyed the Land Mines in his path and added them to the team's service invoice.



  • Firing continued charged laser bolts at the edges of Land Mines is a good way to rack up Hit points.


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