The characteristics of Krystal, including physical appearance, personality and relations with other characters.

Physical appearance, Wardrobe and Traits

Krystal is a blue vixen, yet before her debut game Dinosaur Planet was reworked into Star Fox Adventures she resembled a feline more than a vixen. Her white dress gave her a much younger look in the former game.

Krystal is portrayed as very kind and caring, always being willing to help others out and constantly maintaining a gentle nature towards others. While she can be stubborn at times, she is still supportive of her friends and shows a strong will.

In Adventures, Krystal wore skimpy, golden attire mainly consisting of a golden bra-like top and nothing but a small white loincloth. She also wore jewelry, including two bands on her tail, silver braces on her shoulders, arms, and legs, and white and golden sandals. She also sported a tiara on her head, and a necklace with a turquoise pendant.

In Assault, she wears a blue body suit, blue knee-high boots, silver chain belt, continues to wear tail bands, and sections of her "hair" are braided. She no longer wears a necklace, and her tiara is also different.

Her appearance is very similar in Command; however, the suit is pink and purple, is sleeveless with silver shoulder pads, wears white boots, along with white coverings on her lower arms, wears her necklace again, and her tail bands are gone.

Relationships with other characters

Krystal screenshot

Fox forces Krystal off the team in regards to her own safety.

Krystal and Fox McCloud have a romantic bond, as seen at the end of Adventures and throughout Assault; it is especially evident in the "honeymoon" scene where they visit Prince Tricky at Sauria after ridding the planet of an infestation of Aparoids. In one of the endings of Command, Fox and Krystal have a son named Marcus McCloud, who has blue fur like his mother Krystal and becomes a pilot like his father Fox McCloud. Her relationships with other characters in the Star Fox team aren't entirely visible yet, as she is still relatively new. Despite this, as shown in her interactions with the team, she does show great care and concern for the other teammates and gets along well with them. Also as shown in Assault, when Fox saves Slippy on the first level, Krystal seems to have taken Peppy's place in lecturing Slippy by trying to stop him from messing around. And she is shown feeling remorse for having to leave Peppy and ROB behind when the two sacrificed themselves. 
Enter the Planet-screenshot

Krystal's remorse for having to leave Peppy and ROB behind.

Krystal attracts Panther Caroso, a member of the Star Wolf team. Panther first sees Krystal while at the Sargasso Space Zone and attempts flirting by targeting her during the dogfight, which ensues directly after his team arrives. While Krystal continues to show reluctance to fall for Panther's comments, their relationship is magnified in Command when she joins the Star Wolf team in one of the negative endings. While it is not known whether or not the two actually formed a relationship, it is very evident that Panther influenced her to join with a haunting quote.


Krystal cares for the dying EarthWalker.

Krystal is in good terms with the dinosaurs of Sauria and cares very much for them, as seen in Adventures and Assault.

Krystal is good friends with Lucy Hare and Peppy views Krystal as a "second daughter" as heard at the liberation of Fichina City. She has good relations with Katt and Amanda as seen when the four ladies freed Corneria from Anglarian forces remnants in the absence of Star Fox.


Language Game Voice actress
Japanese 2007-Present Aya Hara
English Star Fox Adventures Estelle Ellis
English Star Fox: Assault, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 3DS & Wii U (archive) Alésia Glidewell

In her various appearances, she is voiced with an Estuary Accent.

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