If you are receiving this message then I am in great danger. The Staff you hold in your hands is a powerful weapon. You must learn to use it wisely. It will give you guidance when its powers can be used. My Staff's main use is in combat… and in time your skills may grow. Try different actions to unleash its powerful attacks. You can also use it to explore the world around you. Try lifting rocks or knocking items out of trees. I'm sure that you will find it very useful. Take care of my Staff and it will take care of you.

Krystal's Staff is a powerful weapon that belongs to Krystal, and was used by Fox McCloud in "Star Fox Adventures" during his expedition on Dinosaur Planet.

Powers and Abilities

Krystal's magical Staff is an incredible tool with many uses, some of which include acting as a switch to open a door, a lever to lift heavy rocks [with rapid presses of the A Button] and a means of breaking crates.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

The Staff is a long, purple, blue and gold scepter with a standard spear-like head. In order for a person to use the weapon, the Staff must first accept the person itself. It is thought to have a razor sharp head due to Fox piercing King RedEye's skull, but it actually seems safe to hold, as seen when Fox uses the staff to pull Krystal up atop the Krazoa Palace. Another interesting fact is that the head of the Staff can extend to the sides slightly for unknown reasons. It also appears to have the ability to shrink into a more compact, portable size (as seen when Fox is imprisoned by the SharpClaw, when the telescopically shrunk staff is sitting on the guard's desk). Fox can use the key end of the staff to unlock the hinges on the Item Boxes, scattered over Sauria. It also has the ability to produce a shield to protect the user. The Staff can also leave psychic messages for others to hear when separated from its original owner.


Strangely on Sauria there are shrines for the staff in which the bearer can get new powers/upgrades. The Staff has shown the following abilities:

For more information, see Staff Upgrade.


Krystal brought the Staff with her to Sauria for protection, but when attacked by General Scales on his SharpClaw Galleon, she dropped it into ThornTail Hollow. When Fox McCloud first found the staff, he instantly mastered using it, indicating that the staff has powers to bond with the user. Its origin is unknown, but most people assume that it comes from Cerinia, Krystal's home planet. Fox used the Staff throughout his missions, until he freed Krystal on Krazoa Palace, where she took it back from him to attack an imposing character claiming himself to be the mighty Krazoa God, to no affect.

After the events of "Adventures", Krystal seems to no longer carry the staff with her, but it is presumed by many that the weapon is somewhere inside the Great Fox. If such is the case, then it was most likely destroyed when Peppy flew the Great Fox into the Aparoid Homeworld's Planetary Shield.

Other appearances


Krystal with her Staff in SSBU.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Krystal appears as an Assist Trophy, resembling her Adventures design and carries her Staff as her weapon. She deals attacks with the Ice Blaster. The Staff also appears as part of Krystal's Spirit, as it uses her most common "Adventures" artwork.



  • It's currently unknown what happened to the Staff after Star Fox Adventures.
  • Even though Krystal takes her staff back from Fox, it somehow reappears on his back when he returns to the Great Fox, most likely because the animators forgot to remove it.
  • The staff is used because General Pepper forbid the use of a blaster. This is ironic, as the very first upgrade for the staff is a "Fire Blaster".


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