The Krazoa Spirits were the six peace spirits and bringers of life to Dinosaur Planet in "Star Fox Adventures", who also made flow the magic of the Spellstones.


After being safe in the Krazoa Palace for a million years, they were hidden all over Sauria during General Scales' attack against the Palace and its defending EarthWalkers, as in the wrong hands, the Spirits could bring great terror. Fox had to return them to the Krazoa Palace in order to end the war against Scales, prevent the Spirits and Sauria from dying and to save Krystal, trapped within the crystal on top of the Palace. Only those who were of pure heart can be "possessed" by the spirits until released at Krazoa Palace.

Andross, knowing that the power of the Krazoa could revive him from his previous defeat (as he was at this time a disembodied spirit), was the one who trapped Krystal inside a crystal to drain her energy and use it to control the Krazoa Spirits. Once Fox released all the Krazoa Spirits, Andross used their power to resurrect himself. Once Fox destroyed him again, the Krazoa spirits were able to put the broken world back together.


The Krazoa Spirits are floating, transparent ghost like entities, with rear tendrils and vaguely tribal mask like faces.


  • The official Nintendo Power guide for Star Fox Adventures had stated in the Final Battle sections that Andross disguised himself as a Krazoa Spirit in order to trick Fox. It's never specified which Krazoa Spirit he posed as, but the most likely candidate is the Krazoa figure seen at Moon Mountain Pass, as it is the only Spirit that looked different and gave misleading information. The oddity is that it speaks with a different voice. However, it cannot be one of the other seen Krazoa Spirits, as the six are seen working together to rebuild the planet at the end of the game.
    • Additionally, Andross' point of view is seen at certain instances involving Krazoa Spirits - when Krystal released the first Krazoa Spirit, during the Test of Fear, and when his disembodied voiced made demands with General Scales. In the first case, some demonic laughter can be heard as the statue released a beam that was later used to seal Krystal inside of a crystal. These are not moments where Andross impersonated the Krazoa Spirit, however - it is merely Andross' ghost watching Fox's progress and ensuring his plan comes to fruition.
      • The Krazoa Spirit that Fox encountered at Moon Mountain Pass mentioned that Krystal had "released" him, implying that Andross may have posed as the first Krazoa Spirit.
  • It appears that the Krazoa Spirits affects the eye colors of whomever is in possession of one. The eye color differs on their moral alignment which may serve as a visual judgment of character. For Fox and Krystal, their eyes took on a shimmering violet color; with General Scales and Andross, they possessed yellow-red eyes with cat-like slits.
  • Releasing a Krazoa Spirit appears to be a painful process; when Fox and Krystal released their spiritis, they both fell to their knees and began breathing heavily, with Fox letting out a cry of pain as the spirit left his body. General Scales let out a roar when he was forced to give the final Krazoa Spirit to Fox before collapsing. When Andross met his demise, he screamed in agony as the spirits abandoned him..
  • It is unknown how General Scales came into possession of a Krazoa Spirit. If a test had to be passed to obtain it, this is a contradiction to the EarthWalker's belief that only the pure of heart complete it. It is possible that Scale's was able to take the Krazoa test because his heart was 'pure' evil. At any rate, it is implied that the Krazoa Spirit's power was what allowed Scales to rise to power, as even he was unaware of Andross' presence.


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