She is depending on you, for her life.
—Krazoa God

The Krazoa God is the Krazoa deity appearing in Star Fox Adventures. Although the Krazoa God turned out to be a moniker of the Spirit-infused Andross, it is unknown whether there was an actual Krazoa God in the past.

In the game

Fox and Tricky encountered the Krazoa God hologram just after releasing the first SpellStone inside the Volcano Force Point Temple, when hearing the sounds of a girl's distress signals echoing throughout Moon Mountain Pass. While addressing the need to return the remaining Krazoa Spirits to Krazoa Palace to save both Dinosaur Planet and the trapped girl Krystal, the Krazoa God gives Fox advice about collecting a MoonSeed; by defeating the local species Kalda Chom to proceed any further. It is also unknown if Fox and Tricky's encounter with the projected Krazoa in Moon Mountain Pass was also an Andross impersonation; although it had a different voice, it is implied by the Nintendo Power guide that this is the case.

In addition, when meeting Fox, the Krazoa God mentioned that Krystal was sealed away when he was released back to his place by her, implying that he was the Krazoa Spirit that she had retrieved from the Test of Observation. This is further supported by the fact that, when Krystal released the spirit, the Krazoa bust proceeded to utter an ominous chuckle before sending a beam towards a forcefield, immediately before Krystal is shoved into it.

Eventually, the combination of the six released Krazoa Spirits were channeled through the psychic Krystal, and flown into a nearby Krazoa statue's head which came to life and proclaimed himself to be the reborn Mighty Krazoa God and ordering all to bow before him before taking off into orbit. When Fox gave chase in his Arwing, the Krazoa God was revealed to be serving as Andross's new body. While still using abilities identical to his previous techniques, Andross controlled the Krazoa Spirits through the helmet/mask he wore as a shield that protected him from outside laser fire until its eyes and forehead piece were blown out. After Andross and the statue were blown up thanks to Falco Lombardi's supply of Smart Bombs, the six Krazoa Spirits were freed from his grasp and immediately proceeded to reform the Dinosaur Planet.



  • The Lord of Games, a character appearing in the post-Nintendo Rare game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts looks very similar to the Krazoa God, since they are both immensely powerful characters on top of bodiless robes. Because both games were made by Rareware, this could possibly be a tribute.
  • The large Krazoa statue's head used by Andross originally appeared on the Krazoa Palace roof directly in front of Krystal's prison. If Fox moves behind this statue's head before releasing the final Krazoa Spirit and attempts to look into the space where Andross would appear later in the game, he will find an empty dark hole (as goes with the fact that Andross has not yet been restored).
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