Tricky my son! You don't have to worry about me! I am the King!
—King EarthWalker

The King EarthWalker is one of the rulers of the EarthWalker tribe in Star Fox Adventures. He is the husband of the Queen EarthWalker and the father of Prince Tricky. He is also the GateKeeper of the Walled City.


The King EarthWalker appears to be based on Styracosaurus. He wears jewels and fancy garments to designate his kingly status.

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KING EARTHWALKER - Tricky's father


For some time before the Plight of Sauria, the King EarthWalker and King RedEye waged war on each other, which resulted in the imprisonment of the RedEye tribe. During the Saurian Crisis, when General Scales attacked the King, he knew that the SharpClaw tribe would come for him so he sealed away his gatekeeping powers. The King was taken prisoner in the Walled City, guarded by the EarthWalker's sworn enemies.

Fox McCloud first finds the King after completing two mazes. The King informs Fox that the SpellStone he wished for was within the lair of the RedEye King, yet the only way to enter was to collect the Sacred RedEye Teeth. The King helps Fox find the Super Ground Quake ability for his staff to defeat the Red Eye surrounding the large temple. Later Fox came back to Walled City in order to find the fifth Krazoa Spirit. The King tells him to return the Sun and Moon stones to their rightful places. After this was completed Fox completed the Krazoa Spirit Test of Knowledge and left The King and Tricky to return the Spirit at the Krazoa Palace.

The King and Queen EarthWalkers later sent word to General Pepper, thanking the Cornerians for their assistance. Their fates are currently unknown, for as of the Aparoid Invasion, their son is now the tribe's king.



The King EarthWalker's dialogue was performed by Kevin Bayliss, who also voiced Tricky.


  • The King was first mentioned when Fox rescued Prince Tricky in Ice Mountain, when Fox was enraged by Tricky's insult of almost being frozen by the hot sping's water. Out of anger, Fox was about to pull out Krystal's staff, but Tricky tries to stop Fox from trying to exact retribution by mentioning that his dad is the King Earthwalker and "will bash you up." Fox told him that the King was captured and that he was sent by his mother to save Tricky. However, during the first confrontation with the Queen Earthwalker, it was never implied that the King was captured until later into the mission before going to the Walled City.
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