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Katt Monroe is a female feline acquaintance of Falco Lombardi, both having a past history together as colleague pilots, but it has never been revealed what they used to do, save that they were both in the Hot Rodders and they have never been romantically involved. Katt Monroe is not an official member of the Star Fox team, but she'll lend a blaster when it suits her, secretly wanting to join just so she can fly close to Falco. Like him, she is very cocky, but in a feminine way, such as deliberately flirting with Fox McCloud to get Falco's attention, even joking after he insulted her that she would never fly with him again. The Cornerian Army had been monitoring Katt's activity for years and regarded her as a nuisance but acknowledged that she was on the Cornerian side of the war against Andross's Empire.


Katt was an old friend of Falco's from their days in a rough-neck space hot rodders gang and had a crush on him, but he pretended not to notice. However, they had a falling out over Falco always coming to her rescue just because she was sweet on him. He left Katt behind one day, telling her "You're a big girl now, Katt. You can handle these things yourself. You don't need me."

Before the Star Fox team arrived at Zoness, Katt's ship was once captured and destroyed by Venomian forces. Because of this, she has had no love for Andross or his forces, so she stole herself an Invader class III ship, dubbed the Catspaw from one of Andross's advanced military bases and modified the ship to meet her own standards, and planned to make a run on his oil operations in Zoness, in hopes of crippling his defences. Katt Monroe helped the Star Fox team in raiding Andross's oil refineries on Zoness, destroying the base on Macbeth, and defending the Great Fox from Copperhead missiles, for she would do anything to see that Andross gets his just deserts. When she was introduced, she knew Falco already and seemed to have had a close relationship with him. Falco's shocked tone at her first appearance indicates that he presumed she was dead. When Falco asked Katt how she got by the incident, she simply told him to be glad she was on his side. She taunted Falco by sweet-talking Fox, in attempt to make him notice her.

Katt Monroe sent an SOS signal to Falco four years after the war with Andross. Falco immediately reacted to the SOS, and left for Katt's aid without the team's consent. He managed to save Katt and the rest of her gang, the Hot-Rodders, from a Goras (called Golas) by forcing the Goras to retreat from the battle. 

Afterward, Katt informed Falco that Captain Shears was after them, and he was trying to bring about an unnamed disaster. The pair catch up on some things, and Katt revealed that she had found someone that she liked other than Falco (it is unknown if she was jesting meaning it was still Falco she felt feeling for or if she really did have feeling for someone else). Meanwhile, Shears tricked the Star Fox Team into thinking that the Hot-Rodders' ship was an Androssian rebel's ship. The Star Fox team located it, and Falco forced Fox into a dogfight.

After the results of their battle, Katt contacted Fox and yelled at him for shooting down Falco. Fox was surprised that Katt was commanding "Andross's ship", until she revealed that they weren't working for Andross at all. Fox then learns that the Hot-Rodders had acquired leaked data about the project, and they analyze the contents of the project's files. ROB 64 then completed the analysis and revealed that the basis of the project was NOT about creating weapons based on Andross's research, but in fact reviving Andross himself. ROB also informed them that Slippy had been captured by the research base. They then conducted a full frontal assault on the base-the Hot-Rodders would make a distraction so that Fox could get into the base and rescue Slippy, and if possible, halt Andross's revival.

While causing the distraction, the Hot-Rodders were attacked by the Goras. Katt contemplated trying to take it out by herself after reflecting on Falco's last words to her after quitting the Hot-Rodders. However, Falco, in his newly repaired Arwing, managed to fly in and save them again. This time, he put the Goras out of commission for good. Falco then noticed that Cool might be the one who is forming a romance with Katt after he saved her from being crushed by the deceased remains of Goras, but Falco didn't seem to mind. Afterwards, Falco decided to go it alone for a while, and told Fox to tell Katt to leave the Hot-Rodders and keep out of the messy business. Katt watched Falco fly away in his Arwing as Cool put his arm around around her, as she followed up the message by saying: "Falco...thank you."

I can't just stand by and watch from the sidelines, Falco!
—Katt expressing her desire to assist Falco

Years after the Titania incident, Katt made a new appearance during the Anglar threat, piloting the customised Cat's Paw II.

  • She made her appearance in missions with Falco in the Asteroid Belt and Sector X. The two had an argument during which Falco insulted her, and Katt vowed to never help him again. Later in the storyline, however, Katt explained that she wanted to help rather than spectate. Her pilot gallery profile disclosed that she secretly wished to join Star Fox to be near Falco.
  • In one ending, she persuades Falco to create a new team, Star Falco, with her and Dash Bowman as teammates.
  • In another story, Katt teams up with Krystal, Lucy Hare, Amanda and ROB 64 to take back Corneria from the Anglar Invasion, while the second Star Fox Team reformed once more to go on two more missions. The four ladies celebrate their victory with a prepared welcome home party for the success of both groups.

In the Comic

Katt appears in the Lylat Wars Comic. When the Star Fox team's Arwings are crippled at Solar and start to plummet to the surface, Katt arrives just in time to rescue the with her tractor beam, much to Falco's humilliation. Because Katt foiled their infiltration attempts, Pigma Dengar and Andrew Oikonny then start to attack the Catspaw, but they are in turn attacked by Wolf O'Donnell for disobedience. Katt then takes the trio back to the Great Fox, at the cost of a dinner from Falco, with him grumping over how she always has the last say in everything. Later at the Great Fox's bar, Falco and Katt share memories before they are interrupted by the team, causing Katt to jest over her time at kindergarten with a badly behaved Falco, to which he is again embarrassed by. When the Star Fox team return home to Corneria and turn down the offer of promotions, Falco says "...And I've got a lovely little kitty waiting for me!"; this dialogue can be seen as a possible confirmation for Falco's feelings towards Katt.


  • Katt's first name is the respective word for "Cat" in both Swedish and Norwegian. Additionally, Katti (Finnish) and Kat (Dutch, Danish) are similar.
  • Katt's role was presumably transferred over from Miyu, due to the original cancellation of "Star Fox 2". In "Zero", Katt even wears an earring in her left ear, resembling Miyu's.
  • Her unrequitted crush on Falco is ironic, as in real life, cats tend to eat birds.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (キャット・モンロー, Kyatto Monrō)


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