The Katina Outposts role in the games.

In the game

Mission 2. Katina; Frontier Base Battle


Star Fox arrive on Katina, to inspect the sight of a vague distress call.

The Katina Outpost is where Fox McCloud begins the first Pilot mission and the second mission of Star Fox: Assault's Story Mode.

Mission 2. Investigate Base On Katina

A base in the hinterlands of Katina has been attacked by an unknown assailant. At the same time, invading forces, thought to be aparoids, have struck in several places throughout the Lylat system and have interrupted all communications. Discover who sent the SOS signal and why.
—Mission objective

Vehicle: Pilot, Landmaster

Type: All-Range Mode


Medal requirements

Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 2. Katina 400 1100 2300 


At first, Fox will need to clear the Aparoid Crawlers and Minitanks in his path using the Blaster or Machine Gun. After clearing two Purple Aparoids, the Landmaster is available for usage, allowing Fox to take out the remaining targets. Fox will also need to pay attention to any allies in distress and use the Landmasters turret for better effect.

SOS: Around 20 seconds after gaining the Landmaster for use, Krystal will be tailed by fliers. Using the Landmaster will provide faster rates of success.

After downing all the bigger Aparoids, Hatchers fly in to spawn more units, which in turn, makes them the next targets. Fox will need to use the Landmaster to take out the factories, but also leave it in order to find hatchers inside buildings that the Landmaster can't fit inside.

SOS:  Triggered after the hatchers arrive, and followed by a group discussion about more enemy variants appearing, Slippy will be chased by fliers. 

Boss: Aparoid Ship

The Landmaster's the only thing that affects the Aparoid ship's underside core, which must be hit to stun the Walker, but it will lauch missiles to defend itself. Once the Aparoid is stunned, Fox will need to hover on-top and shoot the top turret's center eye until the health runs out. The Ship will try to shake the Landmaster off, but another tank will be sent if one is destroyed. 

Official Site Data

Location data

Battle condition

Visual data indicates Aparoids have seized control of the Cornerian base on Katina. The base is heavily armored and serves as a staging area for the Cornerian Fleet. Team Star Fox has engaged the enemy. No other data is available.

Aparoids: Insectoid species. Homeworld: Unknown.

Tactical data


Special flags are hidden in each story-mode mission. Though not power-ups, you'll unlock a major vs. mode weapon if you find them all.


Medals are awarded for excellence in combat and ensuring the survival of Slippy, Falco, and Krystal.

Vehicle file

Name: Landmaster Tank

Description: The Landmaster is the workhorse of Cornerian Ground Forces

Weapons: Laser turret

Versus Mode

The Katina base from Story mode's second mission is a default stage for classic shoot-outs hat draw upon all transit methods, namely taking cover inside the base and hiding within alcoves on foot, blasting the open skies when flying and ruling the roots when driving.


Unlike in Story mode, in Vs. mode, the blue interior of the Katina outpost is accessible from the main ground area outside. Since the outpost has wide-open spaces, Pilot players can become sitting ducks, but if the rules are set to Booster Packs Brawl, a battle situation can be used in which boosts will aid jumping to reach highly placed power-ups and leap over walls and structures with great ease.

The central spire can be perched upon by Landmasters to pick off any passing flying vehicles, while low arches and bunkers can help give cover against any airbone pursuers.

Airborne vehicles do have an easy advantage, thanks to their speed and the map's wide open spaces, but may miss a trick against any hiden snipers, especially if any powerful weapons like the Demon Launcher are in use.

Vehicle Select: PilotArwing, WolfenLandmaster


Katina Outpost is a wall-encompassed building with two bridges leading to a central tower with two more prongs that point towards the northern and southern ends of the base.

Ways to the upper floor

  • Jet pack
  • Vehicles
  • Inner ramps
  • Outer ramps
  • Along edge of main gate
  • Corner wall hubs
  • Near where the spherical gas containers were, there are parts of the wall that Fox and others can jump to and then to the wall

Differences from Story Mode

  • All blast doors are opened with the exception of the cargo storage rooms on the northern and southern ends of the base.
  • Weapon spawn points differ.
  • No explosive crates or any of the large spherical gas containers.
  • Players can exit the base and explore into the outer field.


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