We have detected a distress signal originating from the Katina Outpost. However, we're unable to contact anyone there. We suspect aparoid involvement. You must find the distress signal.
—General Pepper

Katina Outpost is an important outpost base, created by the Cornerian military on planet Katina (not to be confused with the Katina Frontline Base). It serves an important role in the story mode and also an unlockable Versus Mode map in "Assault".


Aparoid Invasion

During the Aparoid Invasion of the Lylat System, Cornerian intelligence received reports of a Distress Signal that the outpost was attacked, presumably by the Aparoids. General Pepper instructed the Star Fox Team to get involved after he regretted informing them about no response. Fox McCloud had an idea to enter the base himself on foot and allow his teammates to stay in Arwings to provide cover fire.

Upon entering, Fox ended up being ambushed by several Aparoid ground forces. Although he managed to take several of them out, he was eventually pushed back, forcing him to request that Peppy Hare should send down the new and improved Landmaster. Fox eventually manages to turn the tide by eliminating a large amount of the Aparoids at the area.

However, the Aparoids sent down factory reinforcements in the form of Aparoid Hatchers, devices that spawn more Aparoids. Fox then had to destroy the hatchers to prevent the Aparoids from regenerating. Although he managed to destroy all of them, including some that managed to get inside the outposts buildings, he also has to destroy one that recently appeared.

Afterwards, the leader of the Aparoid attack forces, an immense Aparoid Ship, arrived at the scene. Krystal's extra sensory perception managed to sense a core memory inside the Aparoid, making it a key target. As it was busy firing anti-aircraft weapons at the other team members, Fox had to destroy it with the Landmaster by weakening its lower core, and then getting on the Aparoid while it was knocked out, and then destroy the inner core.

Afterwards, Fox cautiously approached to get the core memory, but then noticed that the distress signal was no longer transmitting. It turned out that the sender of the SOS was none other than Pigma Dengar, who also managed to steal the core memory. Hearing Fox's attempts to dissuade him from taking it helped little, either, as Dengar deduced from Fox's reaction that it held some importance, and thus translated to him that it would mean that he'll get rich with it. Fox was unable to stop Pigma, but Peppy told him to return to Great Fox since they were tracking Pigma on radar.


Damage report.

Much of the occupied territory on Katina had suffered much damage, but the remaining citizenry survived mostly unscathed. Preservation of public safety became a top priority due to the light of existing circumstances after the war.

Versus Mode

In the V.S mode, the Katina Outpost is a selectable Map for multiplayer matches. The Outpost Base is able to support all game mode types and use each of their pros and cons effectively. Pilots can take cover inside the base interiors and amongst the bunkers and hanger bays, but might be left at a disadvantage when cornered. Pilots are also very vulnerable when out in the open, as airborne vehicles can blast them quickly, and the Landmaster tanks firepower will make short work of them. Unlike the Story Mode, the previously unaccessible blue section of the base is free to enter from the main ground outside. This is a good duck & cover tactic for Pilots to evade vehicles. With Booster Packs enabled, Pilots can travel much greater distances than Landmasters and reach higher areas around the base to allow for sniping opponents. Unlike the Story Mode, the grounds outside the base perimeter walls are open and free to explore, allowing for shoot-outs but might leave opposition open to airborne vehicles.

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