General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 66
Katina is one of our frontline defense posts, Fox, and it's being overrun by Andross's fighters. We received a distress call from your academy classmate, Bill Grey, who is in command of Husky Squadron. Apparently there are hundreds of fighters swarming over the base! Bill has also informed us that an enemy mother ship has been detected on its way to the planet. Get over there and help him out before it's too late! Bill will brief you more fully on the gargantuan mother ship when you get there, so listen to him carefully!
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The Katina Frontline Base is a Cornerian base (not to be confused with the Katina Outpost Base) that provides fighter support against Venom's invasion fleets. Because of this, it is also home to some of Corneria's prized top guns, and as such have been thorns to the Venomian invasion efforts.


The Katina Frontline Base is a pyramid-shaped base that sits out in a wide open field, surrounded by four tracks.

The Frontline Base

Katina's Frontline Base provides fighter support for the Corneria fleet against Venom's invasion fleet. The skilled pilots based here have been constant thorns in Andross's side. General Pepper has been anticipating an assault here for some time.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 67

Katina's Top Guns

Katina's Frontline Base is home to some of the best fighter jocks in the Lylat System, including the decorated pilots of the prestigious Bulldog and Husky units. Since veteran pilots are in short supply, these aces are a prized asset to the Cornerian Fleet. General Pepper will be very disappointed if you accidentally shoot one down.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 67


Husky Unit, cover the base!
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Katina is one of Corneria's front line defense posts, because of this, the Venomian Army assaulted the Frontline Base during the Lylat Wars in an attempt to remove any chance of resistance against them. The fighting has been going on for quite some time, and the Cornerians may have suffered serious losses during the assault, being overrun by Andross's fighters. A distress call was received from Fox McCloud's academy classmate Bill Grey, one of the leaders of the Cornerian fighters who was in command of Husky and Bulldog Squadrons, that apparently there were hundreds of fighters swarming over the base. Bill told his soldiers to hang on as help was on the way (referring to Star Fox team). They fought against several Invader II Fighters, who were painted green in a failed attempt to confuse the enemy due to various design flaws. Bill had also informed Cornerian Command that an enemy mother ship had been detected on its way to the planet. Afterwards, the base came under direct threat by the lead ship of the assault force, the Saucerer, as it deployed reinforcements to the base upon arrival as well as prepared to vaporize the base itself with its energy beam, but was ultimately saved by the Star Fox team.

It is unknown what became of the base afterwards, although it is presumed that any damage sustained to it either during the battle or Saucerer's destruction was repaired and still acted under its duties. During the Anglar Blitz, Star Fox may have revisited this base or one of similar design.

In the games

In "Star Fox 64" and the 3DS remake, the main objective of the Katina mission is to protect the base against the Saucerer's attack run. After 10 Hits are made, Bill will alert the oncoming Flying Assault Fortress, Saucerer, which will hover over and around the base while deploying Invader II Fighters. Where the flight path will proceed to next depends on whether the Saucerer's core weapon is destroyed before the countdown is complete. Either way, because of the support provided, Bill Grey will appear at the chosen route to return the favour.

Mission Accomplished

If the Saucerer is downed before it can destroy the Frontline Base, the tables are turned on Venom's forces, as their sensors won't detect the Arwings if they fly through Solar's orbit, allowing the Star Fox Team to surprise the enemy by attacking their supply centre on Macbeth.

Mission Complete

If the Core is not destroyed within sixty seconds, Saucerer's main weapon will discharge and vaporise the base. A surprise attack on Macbeth is no longer an option since Venom's forces are regrouping in the Sector X Nebula.

Versus Mode

In the versus mode in Star Fox 64, the Katina stage take place at the Frontline Base. All three types of vehicle are available for this stage. The four playable Pilot's can stand on top of the base, the Landmaster is able to proceed much quicker over the great distance, but the Arwing has the better advantage over the other two.

The Katina battle site is available only in a Time Trial. Except for the central Katina base pyramid, the arena is wide open, leaving Landmasters and characters with little useful cover. This is where wits and ability will count the most. Keep an eye on your radar screen at all times. If you're in an Arwing, remember that you can see ground units only if you're fairly low and close to them.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 115



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