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SF64 Katina Intro

Katina's Intro.

Mission No 3. Katina: Frontline Base; Reunion

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: All-Range Mode

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease, Katina can be approached from Sector Y by choice, but not earning 100 Hit points will lead directly to Katina. At the Meteo Asteroid Field, flying through the seven Warp Gates and piloting through the Warp Zone will allow a choice of route between Katina and Fichina. Completing the mission on Katina by destroying Saucerer before it ignites its weapon will allow a choice between Solar and Sector X, but if Saucerer destroys the base then the route will direct to Sector X only. Either way, Bill Grey will track the Star Fox Team to their destination and return the favour by helping him and his units out. If the player succeeds in destroying the mothership's core without shooting/destroying a Cornerian ship, instead of Bill saying "Take care, Fox" with Fox replying "You too....Bill", Bill will say "I'm glad we're on the same team, Fox" and Fox will reply "You owe me one." and for every Cornerian ship shot down, there will be one less Cornerian ship flying behind you when you finish the level. Aside from Fox, the only Star Fox team member who may accidentally shoot down a friendly aircraft is Peppy Hare who realises by saying: "Enemy down... wait, that was one of ours!"


Boss: Saucerer

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

Katina is one of Corneria's front line defense posts, and it's being overrun by Andross's fighters. A distress call was received from Fox McCloud's academy classmates, Bill Gray, who is in command of Husky Squadron. Apparently there are hundreds of fighters swarming over the base! Bill has also informed Cornerian Command that an enemy mother ship has been detected on its way to the planet. Husky Squadron will need the Star Fox Team's help to deal with this gigantic threat. Bill will brief you more fully on the gargantuan mother ship when you get there, so listen to him carefully!

Intelligence -  When Bill says "The Hatches are open!" that's your cue to attack the hatches on the underside of the mother ship. Destroy the mother ship to continue on to Solar.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 150 hits

Try to shoot down as many enemy ships as you can before the mother ship arrives. Although you won't get points for them, shooting down ships from the Bulldog squadron won't affect your chances of getting a medal. When the mother ship arrives, destroy the hatches but leave the core until the last possible second. Spend as much time as you can destroying enemy fighters. Lock on to enemy targets as much as possible because you can get bonus hits that way. Even though it seems like there are many targets here, this can be a difficult mission to earn a medal in.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Assault

Katina in Star Fox: Assault.

Mission 2. Katina; Frontier Base Battle

Mission 2. Investigate Base On Katina

A base in the hinterlands of Katina has been attacked by an unknown assailant. At the same time, invading forces, thought to be aparoids, have struck in several places throughout the Lylat system and have interrupted all communications. Discover who sent the SOS signal and why.
—Mission objective

Vehicle: Pilot, Landmaster

Type: All-Range Mode

Medal requirements

Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 2. Katina 400 1100 2300 

At first, Fox will need to clear the Aparoids in his path using the Blaster or Machine Gun. Then the Landmaster is available for usage, allowing Fox to take out the remaining targets.

After downing all the bigger Aparoids, Hatchers fly in to spawn more units, which in turn, makes them the next targets. Fox will need to use the Landmaster to take out the factories, but also leave it in order to find hatchers inside buildings that the Landmaster can't fit inside.


  • Krystal will be tailed by Aparoids just after the Landmaster is sent down.
  • Slippy will be tailed by Aparoids just after the Htachers appear.

Boss: Aparoid Walker

The Landmaster's the only thing that affects the Aparoid's underside core, which must be hit to stun the Walker, but it will launch missiles to defend itself. Once the Aparoid is stunned, Fox will need to hover on-top and shoot the top turret's center eye until the health runs out. The Walker will try to shake the Landmaster off, but another will be sent if one is destroyed. 

Official Site Data

Location data

Battle condition

Visual data indicates Aparoids have seized control of the Cornerian base on Katina. The base is heavily armored and serves as a staging area for the Cornerian Fleet. Team Star Fox has engaged the enemy. No other data is available.

Aparoids: Insectoid species. Homeworld: Unknown.

Tactical data


Special flags are hidden in each story-mode mission. Though not power-ups, you'll unlock a major vs. mode weapon if you find them all.


Medals are awarded for excellence in combat and ensuring the survival of Slippy, Falco, and Krystal.

Vehicle file

Name: Landmaster Tank

Description: The Landmaster is the workhorse of Cornerian Ground Forces

Weapons: Laser turret

Star Fox Command

Katina in Star Fox Command.

Falco to the Fore!

While on planet Katina, Falco manages to locate R.O.B. and decides to take on the invading Anglar forces by himself. Nevertheless, he receives back-up from Bill Grey, and together the two of them crush the invaders.

After the mission, Falco spends some time to commemorate his victory, but is interrupted by R.O.B., who says that he has intercepted a Star Wolf transmission which reveals that Krystal has become a part of Star Wolf, and that they intend on attacking the Anglar base. Falco decides to follow them through the asteroids (Falco's Decision).


Upon Fox's arrival to Katina, he sends a message to Krystal telling her that he is coming to help, to which Krystal's response is harsh. It is then revealed that Krystal has joined up with Star Wolf. Nevertheless, Fox decides to assist them anyway.

After the disposal of Anglar forces on Katina, Krystal inquires how Fox intends on going into the acidic Venom Sea. It becomes apparent that Fox has no idea, and that he went looking for Krystal for help. He apologizes profusely to Krystal despite Leon mocking him. Although Panther tells her to leave him alone, Krystal has the choice to go with Fox (The Worm, Titania) or not (Star Wolf Returns!, Venom).

Hold Firm, Katina

Falco and Slippy arrive on Katina as it comes under attack. They receive a message from Bill Grey, asking for their assistance. Together, they defeat the Anglar attackers. After the fighting, Bill tells Falco and Slippy that Krystal has changed drastically after her break-up with Fox, and that she started dating Panther (implied). R.O.B. then receives a transmission from Fox telling them to meet up with him on Titania (The Worm).

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  • To get to Sector X, don't defeat the boss.
  • To get to Solar, defeat the boss.
Score needed for medal

150 HITS

Score Attack

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Katina 90 150 190


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