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Kamikaze Aparoids are Aparoid Air Force artillery that work like Missiles, appearing in "Assault".


Resembling missile rockets, Kamikaze Aparoids are not as powerful as the Aparoid Missiles that appear in Mission 8: Orbital Gate, but work just as well on star fighters they pursue.

Physical Appearance

Kamikaze Aparoids are grey rocket-like creatures. Red fins sprout from their backside.

In the game

Mission 4: Fichina

Near the end of the Wing riding run around the Climate control center, Falco Lombardi's Arwing will come under attack from inbound Aparoids that will home in on his ship from behind. Gunning them down with rapid firepower from the Plasma Cannon will prevent them from landing any damage. Falco will provide plenty of notice before they get too close.

Mission 7: Corneria

Once again, near the end of the Wolfen run around Corneria City, Wolf O'Donnell will give warnings of Kamikaze Aparoids arriving in a line to home in on his Wolfen from the rear.


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