An Item Box is container which keeps special items and treasures in Star Fox Adventures. Fox McCloud found several of these boxes throughout Dinosaur Planet while on his expedition to try and reconnect the shattered planet. From the Sacred RedEye Teeth to the Bridge Cogs, the boxes secure important items which prove vital to the locations they are discovered in.



Fox opens an Item Box.

The Item Boxes are knee high, folded lid containers which resemble the FireFly Lantern in shape and appearance. They are opened by inserting the key end of Krystal's Staff to unlock the hinge. The boxes will disappear once they release their items.

Staff as Tool


Opening some containers requires a little help from the business end of the Staff. When you see one of these six-sided boxes, press (A) to have Fox jam the lock and pop it open with his weapon.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 4


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