Invader II Fighters were a class of star fighter used by the Venomian Army during the Lylat Wars. They were first encountered by the Star Fox Team when the team came to the aid of the beleaguered Cornerian Defense Force at the battle of Katina. Despite improvements on the original design, the Invader II's still retained numerous design flaws and proved vastly inferior to Cornerian Fighters.

Camouflage and Numbers

"Enemy down! No, wait, that's one of ours!" --Peppy Hare

In an effort to improve their odds, the Invader II's were painted the same colors as their Cornerian foes, hoping that Star Fox would accidentally target and shoot down their friends in the confusion. Indeed, initially, it had worked, though only one Cornerian Fighter was shot down by friendly fire, coming from Peppy Hare. Later in the battle, though, the Arwing's Targeting Computer was able to tell the difference between friend and foe, though, and despite being deployed in the hundreds the Invader II's were unable to gain air superiority or protect their carrier Saucerer from destruction.


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