Fox, we don't know for sure what Andross is up to in Sector Z. The nebula has become a space graveyard full of wrecked warships, so he may be scavenging them for spare parts. We're counting on your team to maneuver through the hazardous fields of space junk and scout out the situation, but be careful. Intelligence reports suggest that Andross is monitoring all space traffic in the area, and he may have a surprise for you!
—General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 96

Invader III fighters were a class of starfighter manufactured and assembled in the weapons labs on Macbeth and used by the Venom forces tasked at Sector Z during the Lylat Wars.


These fighters were a vast improvement over the previous series (Invader I and Invader II), being highly maneuverable, fast, well armored, and having intelligent and more ruthless pilots. Invader III's can go up against even Arwings and put up a competent showing.

Enemy Recon

The Invader III is the latest version of a ship first seen on Fichina. If they give you lost of trouble, take out most but not all of the first squadron. If you destroy them all before the first missile arrives, another squadron will appear just as the missile does, making thing doubly dangerous.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 97

All pilots, scramble!

In this All-Range area, Andross's forces are piloting the improved Invader III fighter, which is faster and tougher than its predecessors. They'll try to lure you away from Great Fox and your wingmen, but stay in close so you can help them on a moment's notice. If you're having trouble tracking enemies, switch to the wide-angle view. Keep targets in view as you fire your charged lasers. If you lock on to an enemy, but it flies off the screen as you fire, you may not get the hit. Once the first squadron is destroyed, another will fly in, but usually not before the first missile appears in the sector.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 96

Medal Tips

Try to destroy the first wave of fighters before the first missile arrives. Once the second wave of missiles appears, you'll have to concentrate on the missiles. Throughout this fight, you'll have your hands full fending off the missiles and keeping your wingmen alive. The mission will end as soon as a missile hits Great Fox, so you've got to concentrate on that threat once they appear. This is one of the most challenging medals to win.
—Star Fox

In the games

Invader IIIs were seen in the Battle of Sector Z, where they made an attempt to ambush the Star Fox team. No one was sure what Andross was planning in Sector Z, but since it's a space graveyard full of wrecked warships, he may been scavenging them for parts. The Star Fox Team's mission was originally to scout the Sector, but warned by General Pepper to use caution as the enemy army was now gunning for them. It was later revealed to trap as part of a plan to cripple Great Fox and ultimately weaken Star Fox's dominance in the Lylat Wars. Using two waves of overwhelming units, the fighters also escorted six Copperhead missiles to be used against the gargantuan mothership. However, despite their advancements, the Invader IIIs were unable to take down Star Fox and defend the missiles.

The majority of the fighters were thought to have been obliterated by Fox and his comrades although a remaining few are said to have survived and retreated, as emphasised by a quote at the end of the mission by Peppy Hare.

Other Models

  • Earlier within the war, pilot Katt Monroe had stolen an Invader III prototype from the Venom Army and heavily modified it as her personal star fighter to use throughout the conflict. Arguably, the prototype has a more than passing resemblance to its predecessor: the Invader II.
Katt Monroe is an expert pilot and an occasional ally of the Star Fox team. The Cornerian military considers her a bit of a nuisance but acknowledges that she has been useful in the fight against Andross. Intel reports state that Katt was once ambushed- and her ship crippled- by an Androssian patrol, and that because of this incident, she has dedicated herself to Andross's defeat. Katt currently flies a heavily modified Invader-class fighter, dubbed The Catspaw, apparently stolen from one of Andross's bases. When asked about this by her close friend, Falco, Katt allegedly replied, "Just be glad I'm on your side, fly boy."
—Lylat Datalink, Katt on the wing, pg 98


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese Fighter III (ワイターIII)