The Hunter Fantron is a boss that appears in Star Fox 2. It only appears in Hard and Expert modes. It is one of four bosses that is randomly chosen by Andross to attack the Star Fox team.

The Hunter Fantron strikes with its huge claws on telescopic arms. It can perform punching attacks, swing its arms at the player, perform a ramming attack, or will extend its arms outward and spin at a high speed while orbiting around the player. This behavior is highly reminiscent of the Plasma Hydra from the previous game in the series, though the Hunter Fantron lacks projectile weapons of any sort.

If damaged, it will occasionally disengage and fly around the battlefield in a sort of cruising mode, using its claw arms as thrusters. As it does so, the Hunter Fantron will slowly recover health. It is however, still vulnerable to attack in this phase.

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