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I do hope you like our new toys!
Leon Powalski brags about the Walkers when the vehicles in question make their first appearance.

The Hunter is a transformation of the Wolfen appearing in Star Fox Zero. It acts as the Star Wolf counterpart of the Walker. They appear as the game's penultimate boss, fought on the Venom surface.


The Hunter appears very much like its namesake as a quadruped machine with the cockpit serving as the "head" of the machine. It retains the wings of its Wolfen form on each of its limbs, reminiscent of blades. On either side, it also retains the twin laser cannons.


Wolf utilized this form during his and Fox's brief dogfight on Fichina during the Lone Wolf side mission.

Nearing the final stages of the war, Star Wolf rushed towards Venom which had also taken General Pepper's tower with its teleportation device. Finding Fox all alone without his teammates, the group decides to show off their new Hunter mode for their Wolfens, cornering the lone pilot like a pack of wolves with their superior numbers and agility. The group also wore specialized gear (similar to the Wolfen II from Star Fox 64). Despite the advantages however, the diligent leader managed to single-handedly defeat each and everyone of them and made his way to Venom's core.



  • The Hunter's design bears similarities to Blade Wolf, one of the main characters in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, another game created by PlatinumGames.
    • Owing to this, Wolf O'Donnell's special attack, the Lightning Tornado, when in this form resembles one of the attacks used by the Blade Wolf (when called the LQ-84i) during the boss fight against it.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ハンター Hunter)
(対地強襲用歩行形態 Ground Assault Walker Form)