Good thing you landed in the Hot Spring or you'd be frozen by now!
Prince Tricky
Hot Spring

The Hot Spring.

The Hot Spring is a place in Sauria. It is located at the foot of Ice Mountain. Fox McCloud lands in the spring after a hoverbike race against the SharpClaw. This is where Fox first meets up with Prince Tricky.


  • Fox was enraged by Tricky's insult of almost being frozen by the hot spring's water. Out of anger, Fox was about to pull out Krystal's staff, but Tricky tries to stop Fox from trying to exact retribution by mentioning that his dad is the King Earthwalker and "will bash you up." Fox told him that the King was captured and that he was sent by his mother to save Tricky. However, during the first encounter with the Queen Earthwalker, it was never implied that the King was captured until later into the mission before going to the Walled City.
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