The Hop Bot is a small robot that hops around (hence its name) on a certain location in Star Fox and Star Fox 64/3D. It is of presumably Venomian origin as shooting it down does add HIT points towards the score check.


The Hop Bot is a small robotic unit that stands on two pronglike legs and hops from perch to perch whence shot at. One well aimed laser is enough to defeat it. It is unknown what its purpose is.

Enemy Recon

You'll find that this bot is hopping mad. It waits for you at the mouth of an asteroid with a tunnel bored through the middle, and it takes several shots to destroy it. As soon as you spot the Hop Bot in the distance, lock on and pop off a shot, then lock again to finish it off.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 35


Star Fox

Corneria: appears periodically on the ground.

Meteor: appears perched upon certain asteroids.

Star Fox 64/3D

Meteo: hops around at the mouth of the first tunnel. Only one in the entire game.



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