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The HighTops are the largest tribe in terms of physical size, but are one of the least intelligent and easy going Tribes of planet Sauria. Two HighTops helped Fox on his quest, one on Dragon Rock, and one on Cape Claw.



HighTop artwork.

The HighTops seem to resemble Apatosaurus, yet they lack the hump on their backs. They are almost as large as their predator, RedEye. Their Tribal name comes from their long necks.

Instruction Booklet Description

These gentle giants are easily spotted from a distance as they tower high over the rugged environments of the planet.
—Instruction Booklet

P.D.A Scanner Information

HIGHTOP - Not many members of this tribe left

Society and Culture

The HighTops are one of the most social Tribes on Sauria as one is shown being friends with three different Tribes. It is unknown if the HighTops have a ruler or just a small leaderless Tribe that drifts through Sauria. The home of the HighTops is uncertain, although it may possibly be Cape Claw, however, as only one is seen there and the area appears to be too small for the massive HighTops, they may reside in another area not shown in the game.


Plight of Sauria

One HighTop buried his Gold Bars on the beaches of Cape Claw in order to hide it from the SharpClaw troopers, but he forgot the locations of them. Fox and Tricky later managed to find them, and in return he helped them enter the Ocean Force Point Temple.

Another member of the Tribe was also involved in a resistance movement against the SharpClaw's brutal regime, but their attempt to attack the SharpClaws failed, and he ended up being captured by the SharpClaw and imprisoned at Dragon Rock. He also had a neck brace connected with a strong energy coil that prevents him from breaking free. However, Fox managed to free him, and thanks to help from one of his fellow resistance members, an EarthWalker, he also earlier guraranteed his safety by destroying the Sentinels and their shield generators. The HighTop returned Fox's favour by helping him rescue the same CloudRunner who was friends with Krystal. The group thanked Fox for his great help and plead him to return to the restoration of Sauria, so that they could regroup with their friend, the silent ThornTail who was in fact Dragon Rock's GateKeeper.

Aparoid Invasion

When the Aparoids attacked Sauria, motionless bodies of HighTops were sighted, meaning many were killed but were not endangered nor extinct afterwards. With the Aparoid Queen destroyed, the Planet was saved by the Star Fox Team.


  • Since there are only two HighTops seen in the game, it makes sense that the P.D.A Scan says "Not many members of this tribe left". This might be because they are part of the Sauropod Family, who were most abundant during the Jurassic. This makes sense, since most of the Dinosaur Tribes are from the Cretaceous, although the ThornTail tribe was going to be originally based on Stegosaurus in Dinosaur Planet, not Nodosaurus.
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