Hi-Ho is an enemy appearing in Star Fox Guard. They are Chaos Class robots. As their name implies, Chaos Class robots can cause distractions.


Hi-Hoes resemble the Goomba from the Super Mario series, except they have no mouth, and their body is entirely robotic, eyes included. A stronger, crimson variant called a Drill Hi-Ho appears, although it is a Combat Class robot, not a Chaos Class one.

The Hi-Ho King is a giant Hi-Ho that boasts a yellow colour scheme.


Hi-Hoes attack by self-destructing near the AegisCam cameras, blinding them. However, Hi-Hoes have very little HP, which can offset their ability to disable the cameras. Additionally, a camera may sometimes receive several Hi-Hoes whenever it is blinded by a certain Chaos Class robot that can send false signals. A giant Hi-Ho known as the Hi-Ho King appears as the boss of the Corneria stage in this game. Unlike a normal Hi-Ho, he can damage the mining base's central tower with his attacks.

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