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The Gyrowing is an aircraft utilized in Star Fox Zero. It is designed for exploration and does not seem to be suited for combat.


The Gyrowing is a new slow-flying hovercraft ship that can deploy a tethered robot named Direct-i to hack into computer systems and fit into small places. While it is equipped with twin lasers, the lasers are ineffective against armored foes like Garudas. Its charge shot fires a homing missile like that of the Landmaster; while it is weaker than the Arwing's charged laser or the Landmaster's missiles, it is the only way to hurt armored foes without having to use the environment. It also cannot deploy Smart Bombs, but it can use Direct-i to pick up certain bombs off the ground and drop them on foes.

The Gyrowing is slower than the Arwing and cannot perform aerial maneuvers like barrel rolls, but as a helicopter, it can strafe, and hold position, allowing for ease of control, and opportunities to scan surroundings, and explore areas.


The Gyrowing was initially owned by the Cornerian Army, (grey and green in coloration with their insignia on it) designed by Cornerian forces to pacify the Gigarilla, which had been confiscated from Andross's forces and placed onto Area 3. When Andross's forces attempted to recover the Gigarilla, Star Fox was ordered by General Pepper to access the Gyrowing in order to prevent the Gigarilla's capture. Fox eventually managed to locate and gain control of the Gyrowing, (repainted blue with the Star Fox insignia) as well as activate the Gigarilla via the Direct-i application's scan function, thus having Gigarilla, with the Gyrowing's help, turning against Andross's forces before they could get it through the wormhole. With Gigarilla's recovery thwarted, Pepper then had Fox investigate the wormhole to determine where they were planning to take it. He then discovered the wormhole led to the former Cornerian base on Zoness. As the base was protected by a force field by the Androssian occupants, Fox needed to use the Gyrowing to deactivate the shield so the Cornerian fleet can attack and reclaim the base. While doing so and evading the searchlights, Fox also ended up rescuing Katt Monroe, with her returning the favor via her ship, The Catspaw. After disabling both shield generators, Fox and Katt were forced to flee from the base due to the self-destruct sequence being activated.

Gyrowing and Direct-i

Slow-flying but agile hovercraft ship that can deploy a tethered robot, Direct-i, to gather items and hack into computer systems.
—Star Fox



  • Direct-i looks very similar to R.O.B., the Robotic Operating Buddy accessory made for playability with Nintendo Entertainment System games (not to be confused with ROB 64).

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ジャイロウィング Gyrowing)
(AI搭載型作業機 AI-Equipped Utility Machine)


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