The Grunner is a bioweapon created by Andross and controlled by his ghost to guard the device on Titania that would neutralize the acidic Venom sea. A group of four smaller, weaker versions of the Grunner can be found guarding an Anglar Mothership on Titania as well.

Methods of Attack

The Grunner has two attacks. For the first attack, the Grunner runs around the map, firing rocks from its rear and raising pillars from the ground behind the Grunner. These pillars come in pairs, and beams of electricity connect the pillars. For the second attack, the Grunner stands still and beats its chest, causing a huge number of rocks to fall from the sky towards the Grunner. The smaller Grunners guarding the Mothership can only fire pink laser rings from their rear.


During the Grunner's first attack, the Grunner can only be damaged by shooting the weak spot in the rear, meaning the player must fly between the pillars and avoid the beams of electricity between the pillars and the rocks being launched at them. During the second attack, the Grunner can be shot anywhere and will take damage. The smaller Grunners guarding the Mothership can be shot at from any direction and will take damage.



  • The Grunner resembles and behaves very similarly to the Golemech seen in Star Fox 64, considering the overall identical appearance and attack methods. Andross's ghost controlling the Grunner coincides with Golemech being created or modified by Andross in his exile.
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