The Great Saucerer is an upgraded version of the Saucerer used by the Anglar Army on Venom towards the end of the Anglar Blitz.

In Star Fox Command

The Great Saucerer was used to defend Venom after the acidic seas were neutralized by Andross' terraforming device. Unlike the Saucerers used on Katina, which traveled in groups of three, the Great Saucerer traveled alone. The Great Saucerer also did not have a vulnerable control pod tethered to the underside, and could only be damaged when a circular hatch on the bottom opened and exposed the red interior. This circular hatch would usually open for the Great Saucerer to deploy drones that were identical to the ones used by one of the Saucerers. The Great Saucerer could also fire beam weapons from four emitters on the underside, and was also capable of firing orange laser blasts at its targets. When the Great Saucerer was destroyed, it released a Core.

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