The Great Fox is a mothership used by Fox McCloud and the Star Fox Team during the events of Star Fox Command. It serves as the replacement for the original Great Fox. It is piloted by ROB 64, as was the original.


Faced with the loss of their original mothership during their invasion of the Aparoid Homeworld, the Star Fox Team had to purchase a new one. This new ship, also christened the "Great Fox", was a decommissioned Cornerian Assault Carrier, which, as a result, had all of its weapons and military grade hardware pulled, leaving just a basic hull. As a result, the ship is taxed in terms of defense, and is significantly weaker than the original Great Fox, to the point it can't withstand an assault by even the weakest of enemies for a prolonged period of time. However, this makes it more cost-effective and much less expensive than its predecessors. The ship was restored, somewhat, upon purchase, as it was able to use up to three missile strikes on clusters of attacking enemies, which proved useful, as attacking and defeating enemies from afar rather than attack them directly with a pilot was far safer.

The new ship looks completely different from the past models of the Great Fox, resembling more of a space-faring aircraft carrier than a battle-cruiser, but still adorns the Star Fox team logo on the side like it's predecessor.

Role on the Battlefield

The gameplay of every mission revolves around the player's strategy on using the available starfighters to protect the Great Fox. The Great Fox cannot move, but can repair up to four starfighters and launch up to three missiles to strike distant Anglarian fleets. At the mission starting point, the Great Fox will have no missiles in its tanks, therefore the ships will need to collect some on the field before any can be fired. The player controls the missiles' path with the stylus by drawing a path and releasing to fire. If Anglar fighters reach the Great Fox before the force is exterminated, the mothership will be shot down, resulting in an instant game over. the ship will still be shot down if the player runs out of ships or turns.

Protect the Great Fox

Your enemies will try to shoot down the Great Fox by sending troops or firing long-range missiles. If the Great Fox is destroyed, your mission will end in failure. Use sound tactical manoeuvring to keep your enemies focused on your pilots, then defeat them in combat before they become a threat.
—Instruction Booklet, pg 18

Firing Missiles from the Great Fox

To fire a missile, touch the Great Fox and then drag the missile onto an enemy. Missiles are extremely powerful but limited in number, so choose your targets wisely.
—Instruction Booklet, pg 23

Website bio description

Operations chief of the Star Fox team. Rob pilots the Great Fox. Anglar forces make this vessel their primary target during battle.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (ROB)
Great Fox
Anglar forces target the Great Fox at all times. If the Great Fox is destroyed, your mission has failed. The Great Fox cannot move, but it can launch missiles and arwings.
—Star Fox Command Website description

Missiles: 3



  • Although not playable, the Great Fox is the only ship to appear in every single mission.
  • Star Fox Command missions involve defeating enemy ships and protecting the Great Fox from enemy missiles, not unlike the Sector Z Mission in Star Fox 64.
  • Unused prototype sprites show that the original design of the Great Fox was going to return, but Nintendo changed to the newer Great Fox instead.
  • It greatly resembles the Mothership that appears in Star Fox 2.
  • Characters that make contact with the Great Fox are highlighted in a blue and static tint; a possible reference to the Star Wars franchise.


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