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A comprehensive list of games and spin-off media that feature Great Fox.

Star Fox 64 logo
SF64 Titania GreatFox Intro

Great Fox deploys the Landmaster.

In Star Fox 64, Great Fox makes few direct appearances in the missions but serves an important role. 

  • In the opening cinematic, Great Fox appears instantly onscreen, while ROB receives the emergency message from General Pepper. 
  • At the Meteo Asteroid Field, Great Fox clears a pathway before allowing the Arwings to venture ahead. 
  • At Titania, Great Fox appears at the mission's beginning, where ROB detects Slippy at 12 o'clock.
  • At Aquas, Great Fox half submerges itself in order to deploy the Blue-Marine.
  • In its most important role, Great Fox is ambushed by Invader IIIs and six Copperhead missiles at Sector Z. The next route is affected by the outcome of the ambush. If Great Fox is protected from all six missiles, the choice of routes between Area 6 and Bolse are open. But if Great Fox loses its wing, the route choice will be cancelled and only go to Bolse.

Request Emergency Landing!


Great Fox during Sector Z's intro.

Between Great Fox, the enemy fighters and all the space debris, the sky will get very crowded on this mission. Besides taking laser damage, you'll likely run into a few things, too. For a quick repair job, head toward Great Fox's rear docking bay, just above the main engine. If you fly straight in without striking anything, you'll be repaired instantly and end out the launch bay at the front of the ship. Your wings and shields will be fully restored, no matter how badly they were damaged, but you won't recover any lost Laser Upgrades.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 97
  • At Area 6, after responding to the C>>> icon, ROB will appear to open fire on certain Zeram and Harlock battleships, where it's guns proves highly effective. If Great Fox shoots any cruisers, Hit points for bringing them down will be granted but any shot down turrets on Zerams will be denied.

Instruction Booklet description

The dreadnaught-class flagshp of the Star Fox team. With its large plasma engine, it can quickly travel between planets.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet, pg 7

Official Site description

Great Fox is the Star Fox Team's mother ship. It is equipped with plasma engines that give it the capability to warp between planets. In addition, the ship is streamlined for atmospheric re-entry, making it capable of landing the Landmaster or Blue-Marine if necessary. Great Fox is stocked with all manner of supplies for the Star Fox Team, including food, clothing and replacement parts. In fact, Great Fox is the mobile home of the Star Fox Team. The late James McCloud contracted Space Dynamics Co., Ltd., to build Great Fox, and took out an 80 year loan to pay for its construction. The Star Fox Team is still using the prize money from their mercenary mission to repay this loan. ROB64, the robotic pilot of Great Fox, is wired directly into the ship's controls. Even though Great Fox rarely participates in the Star Fox Team's missions, it is a very important asset for the team.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Adventures
SFA Great Fox Model

Great Fox in Adventures.

In Star Fox Adventures, the Great Fox's role is limited but the bridge serves as the game's main menu. The four crew members act as selectable setup menus. Highlighting Fox serves as the file select. Highlighting ROB serves as Language select. Highlighting Peppy serves as Options, including screen sizing, controller rumble and watching the staff roll credits after they are unlocked. Highlighting Slippy serves as Audio Options, including the sound setup, audio controls and unlockable sound test. The Great Fox also represents the Dinosaur Planet icon on the orbital map.

Instruction Booklet description

The Great Fox itself had also seen better days. Keeping a ship of that size in prime condition cost serious money, and well-paid jobs for fighter pilots and mercenaries were increasingly difficult to come by.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet, pg 2

Star Fox Assault
Great Fox Star Fox Assault intro

Great Fox's Assault design.

In Star Fox: Assault, the Great Fox makes another important role. Although Great Fox's hangar appears on the game's title screen, it's in-game appearance is mainly restricted to the cutscenes. In the self named Great Fox stage, the ship appears at the center of the arena, where players fly in and amongst it reminiscent to the Sector Z stage in Star Fox 64. The Great Fox's technology is advanced enough that it is capable of transmitting Arwings, Landmasters, Fuel Cells etc. by teleportation, yet it always seems to never be accurate as noted by Fox during the Aparoid Invasion. The real explanation for this is likely for gameplay reasons.

Interestingly, the Great Fox never takes an active role in the battles of Star Fox: Assault, possibly for balance reasons. In addition, the only time it actually appears in a level is during the final mission, but only in a cutscene, not gameplay. It is possible the reason behind this is because the ship is too valuable for enemy forces to capture, since all members capable of mounting a defense would be off the ship in the case of boarding, or the ship is staying away from the field of battle to avoid destruction. More likely, the team cannot call in Great Fox owing to the terrain of the areas they fight, or the ship is otherwise occupied, such as the battle in the opening sequence of the game, it is possible Great Fox is engaging hostile opponents, and in the case of terrain, Fichina's weather or Meteo's asteroid belt prohibits direct engagement by Great Fox.

Instruction Booklet description

This dreadnaught-class battleship is the base of all Star Fox team operations. It's equipped with a monstrous plasma engine with which it can travel the system at warp speeds. It's also the hangar for the team's Arwings, Landmasters and other equipment.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet, pg 33

Star Fox 64 3D logo

The Great Fox has essentially the same role it does in the N64 game. The tail resembles the one the ship had in Star Fox: Assault. The player is required to tap the touch screen to respond to ROB 64's message or the Great Fox's guns will not fire at Area 6, or send any Supply Containers.

Great Fox Star Fox Zero

Great Fox returns in Star Fox Zero, using the similar design seen in Star Fox 64 3D. The ship takes more active roles in the game, compared to previous titles and even repeats scenarios such as a Copperhead missile again targeting the ship in space.

In the Great Fox - En-Route Anomaly alternate stage, Cosmic Dodora will appear after the Chitori Missiles and possesses more health than the Monarch Dodora, where it initially focuses its attacks on the Great Fox to try and force a Mission Failed; however, repeatedly attacking it while it does so will cause it to change its focus to Fox instead. When this happens, ROB64 will prepare the Great Fox's main cannons. At this point, Fox must lure the Cosmic Dodora to the front of the Great Fox- by doing so, it will take a direct hit from the ship's cannons and receive heavy damage.

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle

Since the first game in the series, Great Fox has been featured in every Super Smash Bros. game as a Star Fox series stage platform with the exception of the Lylat Cruise introduced in Brawl. The ship also appears as a trophy in different depictions.

Ssb logo
Sector Z Smash

In Super Smash Bros., the Star Fox 64 stage Sector Z is featured as an arenastage where the Great Fox acts as the platform on which the players fight each other. The players can only traverse the ship length-wise. Arwings will periodically appear as both temporary platforms and hazards. Sometimes they will be shooting their destructive lasers over the stage, without scratching the Great Fox's hull. On rare occasions, some Wolfen starfighters or a Copperhead Missile will fly through the background.

Super Smash Bros Melee logo
Great Fox

Great Fox in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Great Fox is greatly reduced to a smaller, unrealistic size (however, if the game mode is "Tiny Melee", where all characters are smaller the characters are roughly to scale to the ship). It is featured on two stages; In the Corneria level, the Great Fox acts as a platform as in Super Smash Bros. Melee but doubles as a hazard. Occasionally, the cannons on the bottom-side open fire. The blasts from Great Fox can trap and instantly KO any unlucky combatant who flies into its line of fire. The cannons are also platforms of the stage that can be destroyed, afterwards they are no longer platforms. Also if a player is standing on the cannons when they fire the player will take serious damage and most likely die. The Venom level has players traversing the Great Fox width-wise as it skims along the barren plane. It also briefly appears in both places' introductions, in Melee shown along with the Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon and Samus Aran's starship while in SSB, it is shown very briefly before the camera zooms into the bridge to show Fox.


# Name Image First Game / Move Description
179 Great Fox
Great Fox Trophy Melee
Star Fox / Starwing
The mother ship of the Star Fox team. When in battle, the ship's robot, ROB, can assume control of the bridge, allowing all hands to take to their Arwings or combat positions. The ship runs plasma engines capable of warp speeds, and its front lasers are effective both in battle and in clearing paths through asteroid belts.

Super Smash Bros Brawl logo

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the trailer revealed at the Nintendo World Tour on November 3rd, 2006 revealed a new Star Fox stage, with the fighting taking place atop an new space craft called the Pleiades which flies through the atmosphere of Corneria, through an asteroid belt and a space battle, along with the original Great Fox flying in the background with Arwings. The Corneria stage (including the Great Fox) from Super Smash Bros. Melee makes a return in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as part of the returning Melee Stages.


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Great Fox Random
Great Fox - Brawl Trophy
The mother ship of Team Star Fox. Its oversized plasma engines let it warp during interplanetary voyages. It carries the team's Arwings and Landmaster in its cargo hold, kept unlocked in case of emergency, and is equipped for emergency Arwing landings. Its two laser canons can be used to blast asteroids. It's piloted by the robot ROB 64, who also issues directions to the teams.

  • Star Fox / Lylat Wars (N64)
Great Fox (Assault) Random
Great Fox (Assault) - Brawl Trophy
The Great Fox as it appears in Star Fox: Assault, looking more streamlined than in previous appearances. It takes a horrible amount of damage at the hands of the parasitic Aparoid army, and in a last, desperate attack. Peppy crashes it into the Aparoid home world. In the nick of time, Peppy and ROB 64 are whisked to safety.

  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)

The Subspace Emissary

The Great Fox also appears in The Subspace Emissary, the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is shown that the Star Fox Team went to battle the Subspace Army by attacking their transportation ship, the Battleship Halberd, stolen from Meta Knight. The first battle against them is when Fox's Arwing appears, battling the Halberd but he is taken down by the extendable claw arm and Fox crashes into Donkey Kong's jungle. While Fox and Falco are sidetracked by Diddy Kong insisting that they help him rescue Donkey Kong, the Great Fox goes to continue the battle. When Meta Knight reaches the Ice Climber's mountain he sees his ship battling the Great Fox and he goes to reclaim it by climbing the mountain. The out gunned Great Fox is seen using a massive force field to repel the opposing battleship's multiple cannon bombardments. After Lucario joins Meta Knight's cause, the Halberd reveals itself to be victorious from the battle. The Halberd grappled the Great Fox with a chain and then rams it into the mountain peak, heavily damaging the ship. The overwhelmed Great Fox is forced to retreat, with its jet thrusters expelling black smoke, and is not seen again in the story mode.

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

The Great Fox appears in the fourth Super Smash Bros. title as a trophy and appearing throughout the new Star Fox: Assault themed stage. The trophy uses its Star Fox 64 3D look, while the in-game Great Fox uses its Assault styles to fit with the scenario of the game's stage.

Wii U

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Great Fox (Assault)Stage
The Great Fox can be described as an assault carrier, or we should use any number of other jargon-heavy terms too complicated to list here (or remember). It's the Star Fox HQ and hold their Arwings, Landmasters, and more. Fox's father, James McCloud was the one who has built, and in Star Fox: Assault, it was fully renovated to give it a slick new look.
NA release
The Great Fox can be described as an assault carrier, or as any number of other jargon-heavy terms too complicated to list here. It's the Star Fox HQ, and holds their Arwings, Landmasters and more. Fox's father, James McCloud, was the one who had it built, and in Star Fox: Assault, it was fully renovated to give it a slick new look.
PAL release
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
36. Star Fox: Assault


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Great Fox TBA

Great Fox's trophy.

The Great Fox falls into several different starship categories, but we'll spare you the complicated jargon and just call it an assault carrier. Using three plasma engines for smooth warp travel, this ship is essential to the resupplying, maintenance and recuperation of the Star Fox team.
NA release
The Great Fox can be described as an assault carrier, or as any number of other jargon-heavy terms too complicated to list here. Its three plasma engines allow for smooth warp travel between star systems. It's also an essential supply and maintenance dock for the team, giving them a pace to recuperate between fights.
PAL release

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Logo

The Great Fox returns in the revamped Corneria and Venom stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unlike the Arwings and Wolfens however, the Great Fox uses a more detailed version of its original Star Fox 64 iteration as opposed to the one used in Zero. The Great Fox also appears in the game's World of Light adventure mode as an interactive set piece in the World of Light area to explore the space region in the far northern area. Like many of the interactive elements, the Great Fox requires a corresponding Spirit to be rescued in order to be used, in this case being ROB64. The Great Fox also has a Spirit, using its 3DS artwork.

Support Spirits

Spirit Stats Augmented Fighter Stats
No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Origin Game Enemy Fighter Enemy Power Stage Rules Conditions
Great Fox SSBU
Great Fox ★★★★ 1 Metal Killer Star Fox 64 Summoned via cores from Landmaster, Arwing, any Neutral core, and any Support core

Mothership from SF2

The concept of the Great Fox likely comes from the Mothership featured in Star Fox 2. The Mothership was essentially the games equivalent to the Great Fox from Star Fox 64 onwards and even had the Star Fox team name on the sides and a Cornerian coat of arms on the front left hatch, but was only a carrier-ship without weapon-capacity, so it meant it could only be outside the battle, but could hold and repair up to six fighters.

Star Fox Command

Fox and ROB inside the new Great Fox.

Faced with the loss of their mothership during their invasion of the Aparoid Homeworld, the Star Fox Team had to purchase a new one. The new ship, also christened the "Great Fox", was a decommissioned Cornerian Assault Carrier, which, as a result, had all of its weapons and military grade hardware pulled, leaving just a basic hull. As a result, the ship is taxed in terms of defense, and is significantly weaker than the original Great Fox, to the point it can't withstand an assault by even the weakest of enemies for a prolonged period of time. However, this makes it more cost-effective and much less expensive than its predecessors. The ship was restored, somewhat, upon purchase, as it was able to use missile strikes on clusters of attacking enemies, which proved useful, as attacking and defeating enemies from afar rather than attack them directly with a pilot was far safer. The new ship looks completely different from the past models of the Great Fox, resembling more of a space-faring aircraft carrier than a battle-cruiser.

The new Great Fox

  • Unused prototype sprites for Star Fox Command show that the original Lylat Wars design for the Great Fox was going to return before Nintendo changed it to a different Great Fox instead.


  • Since the original Star Fox lacked the Great Fox (or Mothership), the other Star Fox members could not retreat into their mothership to repair damages to their ship. Therefore, if their shield gauge is depleted, they would be shot down and will be permanently down for the remainder of the playthrough.
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