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Granga's Mech is a bipedal, walking war machine manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth, named for being driven specifically by Granga, one of Andross's most trusted lieutenants, during the Lylat Wars. It appears in "Star Fox 64" and the 3DS remake as the Easy Route Boss on Corneria, and also makes an appearance in the "Lylat Wars Comic", mirroring its role from the games.


The giant robot itself is several stories tall, red and bipedal, and stands on two rickety legs with a pair of missile launcher "arms". A large green backpack-shaped device, possibly the robot's power source, is attached to its back plate. Andross's insignia is printed on its chest. It is accompanied by fleets of support craft, including the Granga Fighters.


Andross's evil ambition has served as a magnet to attract the scum of the Lylat system into his service. Granga was one of the most powerful and intelligent of his followers, having been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, and given command of a specialized war machine of great power. Andross dispatched his key lieutenants Granga and the Attack Carrier's captain to seize the main strategic location in the Lylat system, Corneria. When Fox McCloud headed to Corneria, he encountered Granga at a grassy field beyond the seas behind Corneria City, where the ape threatened to crush him and his team. Peppy Hare advised Fox to aim for the droid's most vulnerable weak point at the back. Fox also found that he could make Granga's mech fall over by destroying its legs. The second he did so, Granga's robot toppled over. Fox then shot the precious power supply pack on the walker's back. Like each fighter pilot, Granga willingly lamented that he'd failed his Emperor before his mech exploded, killing him.

In the Manga

Granga and his Mech makes an appearance in the Lylat Wars Comic. The Star Fox Team eventually reach Granga, discovering that he is fully armed with missiles and grenades. Slippy Toad scans Granga for weaknesses and suggests to Fox that a shot to the leg will destroy him. Fox makes a successful shot with one hit, causing Granga to topple over to his destruction. According to the manga, the walker Granga was in was called the Technodroid.



  • It is unknown what the purpose of Granga's Mech is. It was possibly sent to Corneria to command the ground forces, while the Attack Carrier deployed the air forces.
  • In the official guide for Star Fox 64, Granga was stated to be the name of the pilot of the mech. However, in the 3DS version, the name appeared to be attributed to the mech itself via the boss subtitles.
  • In the 3DS release, Granga now states "Hey... I can't move!" when his mech falls over from having its legs shot off.

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