Those who cross Andross will die!
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Granga is one of Andross's most trusted lieutenants who played an important role in the Lylat Wars, commanding the Venomian attack forces on Corneria City. He is probably the most faithful of Andross's loyal followers, due to having appeared in "Star Fox 64" and the 3DS remake as the Easy Route boss of Corneria where he commanded a walking mech, and appearing in the game's Expert Mode ending freeze frame after clearing Venom, while also making an abridged adaptation of his role in the Lylat Wars Comic and returning as the commanding pilot of the Androsa in "Zero" and making another reimagined role in the promotional anime.


Andross's evil ambition has served as a magnet to attract the scum of the Lylat system into his service. Granga was one of the most powerful and intelligent of his followers, haven been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, and was given command of a specialized war machine of great power. Andross dispatched these key lieutenants to seize strategic locations throughout the Lylat system.


Granga himself is a blue eyed, tan skinned ape in a military uniform, wearing a white brimmed, lavender helmet with ear covers and Andross's insignia printed on the crown.

Enemy Recon

Granga is actually the little ape who drives the huge bot boss at the end of Route 1. He thinks he's safe in the huge walker, but the bot is one of the most vulnerable targets in the game.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 33


As one of Andross's most trusted and faithful lieutenants, Granga treated his emperor with the upmost respect, such as declaring that those who cross Andross will die, and willing lamenting that he failed when his mech started exploding. Because his mech was slow and less advanced, he had little tolerance for the fast moving Arwings, saying things like: "Stop moving, so I can squash you!". Granga believed he was safe inside his vehicle but when the robot's backpack was shot at he whined passionately at the revealed fragility, revealing that he seemed to care about his vehicle.

In the games

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If Fox McCloud heads to the grassy fields beyond the seas behind Corneria City, either with Falco retreating, or without flying through all seven stone arches, he will encounter Granga driving a walking mech in an All-Range Mode, where the ape will threaten to crush him and his team. Peppy will advise Fox to aim for Granga's most vulnerable weak point, the power source at the backpack. Fox can also make Granga's mech fall over by destroying its legs. The precious power supply pack on the walker's back, will be even more open to attack, but Granga will still launch missile from his mech walker. Like each fighter pilot, Granga will willingly lament that he'd failed his Emperor before his mech explodes.

When playing Expert Mode and completing Venom via Bolse, Granga appears in the game's character ensemble frame, making him the only one of Andross's lieutenants to do so and proving his extreme loyalty to his emperor.

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In the 3DS remake of "Star Fox 64", Granga repeats his role as the Corneria Easy Route boss, with some new additions to his game script, due to the newly recored dialogue. He also appears in the game's ending character ensemble frame once more.


Granga returns in "Zero", where he is once again in command of the Venomian forces attacking Corneria City. This time he is in command of the Androsa mothership, and will threaten to crush Star Fox like the insects he thinks they are. After a quarter of the fortress is shot down and exposing the inner hull tunnels, Granga orders a retaliation but Fox travels inside using the Walker and Granga challenges him to a fight. When Fox destroys the main reacted inside, Granga willingly laments he failed his emperor while he goes down with the ship.

If Fox instead shoots off all sections of the hull, Granga will instead call a retreat and make his escape via the "spire", although not before swearing revenge.

In the Comic

Granga makes an appearance in the Lylat Wars Comic. The Star Fox Team eventually reach Granga, discovering that he is fully armed with missiles and grenades. Slippy scans Granga for weaknesses and suggests to Fox that a shot to the leg will destroy him. Fox makes a successful shot with one hit, causing Granga to topple over to his destruction. According to the comic, the walker Granga was in was called the Technodroid.

In the Anime

Granga makes an appearance in the promotional anime Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, acting exactly like he does in the games. Andross orders Granga to lead the invasion on Corneria via a warp portal and to bring General Pepper to him. Eventually when the Striders are drawn away from Cornerian Command's tower, Granga brings the Androsa out of warp drive and grazes Peppy and Slippy's Arwings while hacking into the Communications Channel to threaten Fox about interrupting his invasion. Fox and Falco then cooperate to bring the Androsa down while ignoring Granga's threats, by following Slippy's analysis to take out the laser cannons, in order to loosen the mothership's hull sections. Granga wails at the small fast Arwings managing to evade his firepower whilst complaining about the use of heat seeking missiles as the Arwings guide them back into the ship's own launchers. When the Androsa hull vanishes, leaving the tower spire left, Granga calls a retreat and escapes with liftoff after he warns Fox that Andross will hear about his interference.



  • It is unknown what Granga's purpose is. He was possibly sent to Corneria as one of Andross's most trusted commanders to command the ground forces, or sent there to fight the Star Fox Team.
  • Granga is the only boss pilot besides the Star Wolf team members, Caiman to a certain extent and Andross himself to have a confirmed name (the Forever train engineer does not have a name in the localizations for Star Fox 64, although it was speculated to be Benjamin due to that being the Japanese name for Mechbeth).
  • In the official guide for Star Fox 64, Granga was stated to be the name of the pilot of the mech. However, in the 3DS version, the name appeared to be attributed to the mech itself via the boss subtitles.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (グランガ, Guranga)