Granby is a dreadnought tactical destroyer appearing in Star Fox Zero, commanded by the Area 6 commander, and acting as the flagship of the Venomian fleet in Sector β.


The ship resembles the Harlock-class Frigates, although much larger and featuring a prominent command tower at the top. The ship carried large turrets with powerful lasers at the bow as well as small turrets near the main turrets and near the stern. It's most devastating feature, however, was an energy shield that was strong enough to completely withstand an attack from General Pepper's flagship without even scratching it. However, the shield has a weakness: Part of the shield has to collapse to allow the Granby to attack the enemy up ahead. In addition, the shield generator is located within the ship via three green switches.

It either had an Androssian teleporter onboard or otherwise possessed a cloaking device, as it was seen materializing into space in its introduction.

In the game

The Granby's role subtitle.

The Granby appeared after all four Harlock-class Frigates were taken down by the Star Fox team and Bill Grey. Upon materializing into space, Falco noticed the ship, and told everyone to look alive as it was time for "the main event." The Cornerian Fleet's flagship then prepared their main cannon to take it down, with Pepper telling everyone to steer clear of the blast radius. However, to their shock, the Granby raised their shields and completely withstood their attack, with Peppy being rendered speechless as to how it could withstand the blast, and Slippy even noting that the Cornerians didn't even scratch the Granby due to its shield. The Area 6 commander then tauntingly asked Pepper if that was the best they could do, and then said they'll certainly enjoy what will happen next as he prepared to fire, forcing the Cornerian flagship's crew to brace for impact and later to make evasive maneuvers. Pepper then told Star Fox that if they continue getting hit, they won't survive any longer and told them to hurry as he doesn't know how much longer they can take. Pepper then broadcasted to all available units to get through the Granby's shield, with Bill telling them to do this and Fox telling the general to leave it to him. Fox eventually managed to breach the shield while the Granby was busy firing and likewise reported this to the general. The commander then expressed shock that Fox could bypass the shield, before proceeding to order the crew to shoot Fox down immediately. Slippy then relayed to Fox that, per his analysis of the ship's structure, the shield generator was on the back near the top. Fox then entered into the Walker mode and proceeded to use the scan feature to disable the force field preventing entry into the back area after shooting off the lock, and then proceeded to take down the attack robots as well as the shield generator. Fox then proceeded to flee the ship upon the shield being disabled as Pepper's flagship proceeded to prepare its main cannon, which promptly doomed the Granby, the commander screaming as the ship is destroyed.



  • Even though the player wasn't technically responsible for taking down the Granby, they nonetheless will be awarded 5+ Hit Points upon its destruction.
  • If the player fails to escape the Granby before the firing sequence is complete, they will be treated to a scene where Fox is destroyed with the Granby. It still awards 5+ hit points as if the player escaped, however.
  • The Granby appears in the opening for Star Fox Zero. Like in the actual game, it was also destroyed by Fox in the opening, although via differing circumstances: The opening had Fox transform into Walker mode after evading various salvos from the ship, landing on the deck, and then blasting the bridge tower until it was severed from the deck and then flying off before the ship detonated. In the actual game, Fox could not destroy the ship directly, and instead had to destroy the shield generator to allow General Pepper's flagship to fire their beam cannon at it.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (グランビー Granby)
(準弩級戦略護衛艦 Pre-Dreadnought Strategic Escort Vessel)