The Gorgon's role in the games.


Gorgon was a specialised war machine of great power with the appearance of a massive disk-shaped machine with three long metal tentacles and a small, vulnerable core in the center. The hard outer shell was capable of opening up in three sections like flower petals, revealing three bonded "energy balls" and what appeared to be metal teeth along the inside of each petal.


Gorgon had a vast array of weapons and defenses. Its thick armor was impenetrable to all attacks, its three tentacles could stretch out several hundred meters to swipe at nearby ships, a payload of fighters at its disposal, and a multitude of heat-seeking missiles could fire out from behind it. Its most powerful weapon however was its giant hyper-laser, which fired out from its center in a brilliant rainbow-colored beam capable of destroying a planet with a single shot., which was also something that scientists, up to that point, thought was impossible.

Enemy Recon

Gorgon is Andross's deadliest weapon yet! It's equipped with a huge hyper laser capable of piercing the crust of a planet in a single shot. It also possesses a Dimension Transport System that enables it to phase in and out of our reality, something that scientists have thought to be impossible, up until now.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 105

Outer Hull

Gorgon is protected by a laser-resistant armor that even your weapons can't pierce. While the shell is closed, only Gorgon's tentacles are vulnerable.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 105

Laser Core

When the armored shell opens, the core of the planet-killer is exposed. If you destroy the three energy balls several times, the core will eventually become vulnerable.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 105

In the games

Gorgon serves as the boss of Area 6 in Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease. After passing the three fleets, Gorgon will warp-in onscreen using the Dimension Transport System that enables it to phase in and out of reality until it finally emerges and unleashes it's inner core with three energy orbs and the tentacles. Destroy the tentacles to make Gorgon open its armored shell and then destroy the energy balls. Once its energy balls and arms are destroyed, it is forced to close its body and repair them. It will then release the three bonded energy balls to help. Shooting the energy orbs until they are depleted will cause the shield protecting its core to weaken it, and upon the third time, disappear. Blasting the missiles and fighters will not give out Hit points, but is handy for gaining Supply Rings. After you destroy the energy balls twice, the laser will open fire. Barrel roll around the screen to dodge. Keep shooting the tentacles and energy balls. Eventually, the core will be exposed and vulnerable, once this has happened, shoot the core until the second shield is gone and its core is revealed. Shoot the core until the machine is destroyed, but the shell will retract back if the core has not been shot quickly enough.

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