Gores, as they appear in Star Fox 64 3D.

are airborne creatures presumably composed of the molten rock or a similar substance and thrive on the planet of Solar. Although they may be bio-tech enhanced monsters created from Andross's doing along with Vulcain. Their only means of attack are by following ships that enter Solar's gravitational pull, which is implied to be an act of territorialism on their part regarding feeding areas.


Gores are bird like creatures composed of fire. Their appearance and design resembles that of the mythological Phoenix, which is a long-lived bird that is cyclically associated with the Sun. Their capability of surviving in superheated areas such as Solar caused Lylat zoologists to speculate that they possessed an exceptionally advanced genetic structure.

Enemy Recon

Flying fire birds called Gores soar on the superheated thermals radiating from Solar's hot surface. Considering the creatures' heat resistant properties, Lylat zoologists speculate that the genetic structure of the Gores is exceptionally advanced. Unfortunately, the beasts have the mental facilities of moths drawn to flames. Gores are extremely territorial and will chase and attack anything that flies too close to their feeding grounds.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 71

Medal Tips

Lock on and destroy as many of the rocks that bubble out of Solar's molten surface. Most of your hit points will come from shooting these rocks. Rather than locking onto targets for your bombs, you will need to launch the bomb and manually detonate it (press B again) when it is close to the cluster of targets. Be sure to pull Falco's feathers out of the fire after the checkpoint, where he'll be menaced by a trio of firebirds.
—Star Fox


The Star Fox Team encountered several Goreses during their trek through Solar when investigating rumors of an enemy bioweapon on the molten planet. Peppy was able to deduce that the Gores had a habit of attacking mainly in groups. Falco ended up pestered by several Goreses, causing him to complain that he wasn't their "buddy," as well as remark that he almost got burned after sarcastically telling them "good riddance." Similarly, Slippy, who had already reached his tolerance limit of Solar's heat, was also chased by a Gores. An entire flock of Gores also emerged from the magma just as the bioweapon Vulcain was about to emerge.

Other Info

  • Up until Star Fox Command, it was presumed that the Gores were the only "living" beings on Solar, but this was proven wrong in the DS title as many creatures had been introduced.
  • Whether or not the Gores are natural wildlife to Solar or experiments created by Andross remains undisclosed. But shooting them down does add HIT points towards the score check. 
    • The large flock of Gores appearing shortly before the Vulcain battle implies that they had some sort of connection to the aforementioned bioweapon.
  • The official Star Fox 64 site gently names them as firebirds, (not to be confused with the different Firebirds seen on Corneria and Venom)



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