Goras's role in the game.

In the game

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS remake, Goras serves as the boss of Titania. It appears buried underground with its multiple arms sticking out and Slippy in his possession (after Spyborg knocked him out of Sector X). Goras is fought in a Landmaster. Goras grips Slippy's Arwing in its upper right arm, and will try to block laser fire with Slippy and cause him annoyance. If you blast the other three arms, Slippy will be able to fly away, where he will automatically upload his bossmeter on-screen. If the Medal requirements were passed and both Peppy and Falco are active, the player will then qualify for a Medal.

Enemy Recon

Slippy crashes his Arwing straight into the clutches of the many-limbed Goras. To rescue your companion and free him from Goras's blistering grip, sweat it out in a heated battle with the ancient, wiry desert dweller and endure its clobbering punches, scorching laser missiles and ghastly monster breath.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 55


Quickly barrel-roll or hover to dodge Goras's breath, because the spitfire spews out a devastating energy stream.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 55


Goras whips you into a frenzy with its four arms. Its lower ones pummel you, while its upper arms sock it to you with laser fire.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 55


Goras's weak spot is its chest, but it's shielded by armor. To strip it of its protection and expose its vulnerable chest, destroy its arms.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 55


Goras attacks by quick-striking with one of his three claws on his arms. He can also fire a devastating beam of monster breath from his mouth and his center (his "heart") which is also his weakness, similar to the boss of Area 6. While fighting him, he is always walking backwards. Occasionally, he will try to sweep you with his tail. He will also try to use Slippy's trapped Arwing as a shield against Fox's Landmaster laser fire.


Goras is a very powerful yet fragile creature. A simple few laser blasts from the Landmaster on his arms will destroy them, thus freeing Slippy (he will then be able to analyze the monster's health). He has the ability to regenerate his arm, but once they are all destroyed, he will open his chest and ready a powerful beam. Shoot the heart in his chest to damage him. He will close his chest or put his head in the way occasionally.


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